‘Evangelist Happiness’ tragically passes away after having Marathon S3x With Bishop

‘Evangelist Happiness’ tragically passes away after having Marathon S3x With Bishop


In a shocking turn of events, a mother of five, identified as “Evangelist Happiness,” has tragically passed away under unsettling circumstances.

The incident centers around her alleged involvement with the General Overseer of Agape Evangelical Ministries, Timothy Otu.

The unfortunate incident transpired at a guest house located in Ogborhill, leaving the community in disbelief.

The Unfolding of the Tragedy: A Night of Deception and Betrayal

The incident took place on the night of Saturday, August 12, 2023, around 11pm.

According to police sources, Evangelist Happiness had lodged at the guest house with Bishop Timothy Otu.


However, an unexpected twist occurred when the Bishop, who had arranged the room, abruptly left the premises, deceiving the receptionist by claiming he was going out to purchase food.

The manager of the hotel, sensing something amiss, promptly reported the situation to the Eastern Ngwa Police Station in the Obingwa Local Government Area.

The report was filed around 1am on Sunday morning, initiating a series of investigations into the tragic occurrence.

A Shocking Discovery: Unveiling the Truth

When law enforcement officers arrived at the scene, they discovered Evangelist Happiness in a distressing state.

She was found lying naked, with foam emanating from her mouth and nose.


Subsequent investigations took an unexpected turn when her phone was examined, revealing a connection between her and Bishop Timothy Otu.

It came to light that Evangelist Happiness was a member of the Agape Evangelical Ministries Incorporated, a religious organization founded by Bishop Timothy Otu.

Text messages retrieved from her phone indicated an ongoing romantic relationship and discussions between the two.

Tragically, it is believed that she lost her life during a marathon sexual encounter with the bishop.

The Pursuit of Justice: Arrest and Detainment

In a determined effort to uncover the truth and bring justice to this tragic situation, the Nigerian Police tracked down Bishop Timothy Otu.


The trail led them to his church at Obikabia Junction, where he was conducting a Sunday service.

Notably, the bishop was allowed to conclude his sermon before being apprehended by the authorities.

Presently, Bishop Timothy Otu is in custody at the Eastern Ngwa Police Station in Obingwa.

The circumstances surrounding the case continue to unfold as law enforcement officials delve deeper into the investigation.

Grief and Heartache: A Family Torn Apart

The late Evangelist Happiness, a mother of five children, hailed from Umuatakawom in Obingwa.


Tragically, her passing occurred while her husband was away at work in Bayelsa State.

The incident has left her family, friends, and community members in shock and mourning, highlighting the profound impact of this unfortunate event.

As investigations progress and details emerge, the circumstances of Evangelist Happiness’ untimely demise continue to grip the attention of the public.

The community awaits further updates from the authorities regarding the outcome of their inquiries into this deeply distressing incident.

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