Eton College Mourns Tragic Loss of Student Raphaël Pryor After Fatal Collapse During Field Game on School Grounds in Windsor

Eton College Mourns Tragic Loss of Student Raphaël Pryor After Fatal Collapse During Field Game on School Grounds in Windsor

Eton College is mourning the loss of one of its students, Year 13 pupil Raphaël Pryor, who tragically passed away after collapsing during a game of the historic Field Game over the weekend. The Field Game, a unique variation of football, was being played at the prestigious school when the 17-year-old became unwell, leading to desperate attempts by onlookers to save him through CPR. Despite their efforts, Pryor succumbed to his condition in front of his stunned peers.

Heartfelt Tributes and Support

The £50,000-a-year institution, renowned for its notable alumni including Boris Johnson, has been deeply affected by Pryor’s untimely death, with the school lowering its flag to half-mast in his memory. The news has reverberated across the Eton community, prompting an outpouring of condolences and support for Pryor’s family and friends. Headteacher Simon Henderson expressed profound sadness over the loss, describing Pryor as an ‘outstanding young man’ with a ‘bright future ahead’. Pryor had notably served as a House Captain of the Field Game, excelling in his role and contributing positively to school life.

Grief and Shock

The sudden and tragic nature of Pryor’s passing has left the Eton community reeling with grief and shock. The school, typically associated with academic excellence and tradition, has been compelled to confront the harsh reality of mortality, with Pryor’s death prompting an unprecedented display of mourning akin to that observed for the passing of royals such as the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh. The profound impact of Pryor’s loss is evident in the emotional response from students, staff, and parents alike, as they grapple with the enormity of the tragedy.

Support Systems and Counselling

In the aftermath of Pryor’s passing, Eton College has mobilized its support systems to provide assistance and counselling to students and staff coping with the loss. On-site counsellors are offering guidance and support as the school community navigates through this challenging period of mourning and reflection. Parents, teachers, and students have come together to offer comfort and solidarity, underscoring the close-knit nature of the Eton community in times of adversity.

Historical Significance of the Field Game

The Field Game holds a special place in Eton’s sporting tradition, dating back to 1847 and serving as a distinctive aspect of the school’s athletic heritage. Alongside the Eton Wall Game, it embodies the rich history and culture of the institution, with notable figures such as Prince William and Prince Harry having participated in the sport during their time at Eton. The Field Game’s blend of rugby and football continues to captivate students and spectators alike, symbolizing the spirit of camaraderie and competition that defines Eton College’s ethos.

Seeking Further Information

MailOnline has reached out to Eton College for additional comments or updates regarding the tragic incident, as the school community grapples with the loss of one of its brightest talents. Amidst the somber atmosphere, memories of Raphaël Pryor’s vibrant spirit and contributions to the school serve as a poignant reminder of the enduring impact he had on those around him.

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