James Crumbley, Father of Oxford High School Shooter, Seeks Trial Venue Change Amidst Concerns of Unfair Proceedings

James Crumbley, Father of Oxford High School Shooter, Seeks Trial Venue Change Amidst Concerns of Unfair Proceedings

In the aftermath of Jennifer Crumbley’s manslaughter conviction, attorneys representing James Crumbley, the father of school shooter Ethan Crumbley, have petitioned the court to change the venue of his trial.

James Crumbley faces accusations of making a gun accessible to his son and neglecting to secure mental health care for him.

The request for a venue change is based on concerns that he may not receive a fair trial in Oakland County, particularly after Jennifer’s guilty verdict.

Arguments in Court for Venue Change

During a court session in Oakland County, James Crumbley’s defense lawyers presented arguments to Judge Cheryl Matthews, emphasizing the potential bias against their client in the county.

Additionally, discussions arose about whether two students wounded in the school shooting should be allowed to testify against James Crumbley.

Defense attorney Mariell Lehman contended that such testimony is irrelevant and unnecessary, aiming to evoke emotional responses from the jury. Prosecutors countered, asserting that the students’ testimony might be essential depending on the availability of other witnesses.

Defense Claims Clear Conviction in Public Opinion

In a recent court filing, Lehman stated, ‘They have been clearly convicted in the court of public opinion.’

The defense team has been actively seeking a change of venue, highlighting the challenges of ensuring an impartial trial environment for James Crumbley.

Jury Selection and Legal Proceedings

The trial’s jury selection is scheduled for March 5, and legal experts note that it is uncommon in Michigan to relocate a trial or bring jurors from another county.

Hundreds of potential jurors will be summoned, mirroring the process undertaken during Jennifer Crumbley’s trial, which lasted approximately two days.

Charges Against James Crumbley

James Crumbley faces four counts of involuntary manslaughter stemming from the tragic shooting at Oxford High School in 2021.

The incident resulted in the death of four students and injuries to several others.

The accusations revolve around his alleged role in making a firearm accessible to Ethan Crumbley and his failure to secure mental health care for his son.

Background of the Oxford High School Shooting

The shooting occurred on November 30, 2021, following concerns raised by school staff about disturbing content in Ethan Crumbley’s assignment.

Despite being called to the school, his parents did not take him home. Subsequently, Ethan carried out the shooting, using a handgun purchased by his father just days earlier.

The trial has shed light on various aspects, including the family’s involvement in firearms-related activities and Jennifer Crumbley’s priorities, which were revealed during her trial.

Jennifer Crumbley’s Trial and Apology

During Jennifer Crumbley’s trial, the court heard about her focus on an extramarital affair, her horses, and socializing rather than spending time with her son.

In an apology, she expressed remorse for her actions, acknowledging her failures as a parent. Jennifer Crumbley is set to be sentenced on April 9.

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