Emmerdale’s Belle and Tom split ‘sealed’ as fans twig Lachlan ‘already back in village’

Emmerdale’s Belle and Tom split ‘sealed’ as fans twig Lachlan ‘already back in village’

Mystery Surrounding Lachlan White’s Return to Emmerdale

Lachlan White, the infamous character who committed heinous crimes in Emmerdale back in 2018, has been serving his life sentence in a maximum-security prison.

However, fans of the show are now speculating that he might be making a surprising return to the village, and this could spell trouble for his ex, Belle Dingle, and her current partner, Tom King.

A Dark Past and Ruthless Crimes

Lachlan’s past in Emmerdale is marred by a series of gruesome crimes. He brutally murdered his best friend Gerry, caused the deaths of his own mother Chrissie and grandfather Lawrence in a car crash, and left his aunt Rebecca with severe brain damage.

Additionally, his criminal acts included kidnapping Belle and orchestrating his father’s attack on the Woolpack, which also involved stabbing Vanessa Woodfield.

These actions led to his life sentence.

Transferring Prisons and Ongoing Speculation

Earlier this year, it was confirmed that Lachlan would be transferred to another prison. While the transfer initially appeared uneventful, fans are now anticipating a major twist.

Some believe that Lachlan could be the mysterious hostage currently held by Cain and Caleb, raising questions about his unexpected return.

Moira’s Discovery and a Mysterious Figure

In a recent episode on October 6th, Moira uncovered her husband’s hidden secret and ventured into a boarded-up farm, where she encountered a hooded figure sitting on a couch.

As she exclaimed, “You!”, the identity of the kidnapped victim was deliberately kept concealed from viewers.

Fans’ Theories and Beliefs

Many fans are convinced that the hooded figure is none other than Lachlan, considering his dark history as one of the village’s most ruthless serial killers.

Some speculate that Lachlan might be tormenting Belle, leading to Tom’s recent altercation when his friends stole his car.

Cain, fiercely protective of his sister, could be linked to the discovery.

Speculations on Lachlan’s Fate

While some viewers are confident that Lachlan’s return is imminent due to the recent events, others remain uncertain.

They question why Cain and Caleb would bring him back to the village and whether Moira is even aware of Lachlan’s existence.

Some even propose alternative theories, such as the return of other characters like Emma or Adam.

Emmerdale’s Ongoing Drama

As the mystery deepens, Emmerdale fans are eagerly awaiting further developments in the storyline.

The possibility of Lachlan White’s return has sparked a wave of speculation and intrigue among viewers. The show continues to air weeknights on ITV, keeping audiences on the edge of their seats.