Backlash Grows in Paris as Locals Deface Café Featured in “Emily in Paris” with Angry Graffiti

Furious Backlash Against “Emily in Paris” Tourism in French Capital:

In a display of anger towards the influx of tourists inspired by the Netflix series “Emily in Paris,” locals in the French capital have scrawled angry graffiti across the shutters of a café featured in the show.

Parisians have previously referred to the hoards of fans as ‘the invasion of the morons’.

Graffiti Protests Emerge Across City Streets:

New images reveal a shopfront marked with messages such as ‘Emily ‘f**k off’ and ‘South Paris is not yours’.

The daubed shoe store, situated on the same square as Emily’s fictional house, serves as a reminder of the show’s impact on tourism in the area.

Editorial Criticism and Graffiti Warnings:

Even Le Monde, a prominent French daily newspaper, published an editorial with the headline: ‘They think they own the neighbourhood! Emily In Paris – an invasive neighbour.’

Additionally, shutters of another café on the same street bear the message ‘Emily Not Welcome’ in protest against the show’s fans.

Risk of “Paris Syndrome” for Tourists:

Amidst the frenzy of “Emily in Paris” tourism, visitors themselves may be at risk of ‘Paris Syndrome,’ a psychological disorder triggered by unrealistic expectations of France portrayed in media.

The Netflix series depicts a romanticized version of life in Paris, leading to culture shock for some tourists.

Despite Backlash, Tourism Continues:

Despite the backlash and warnings of Paris Syndrome, tourists continue to flock to the charming square featured in “Emily in Paris.”

Social media is filled with images of visitors posing outside the shops, emulating the show’s protagonist and enjoying the picturesque setting depicted on screen.

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