Elon Musk Urges Action Against Julius Malema and EFF Over “Kill the Boer” Chants

Elon Musk Urges Action Against Julius Malema and EFF Over “Kill the Boer” Chants

South African-born billionaire Elon Musk has called on President Cyril Ramaphosa to take action against Julius Malema and his party, the EFF (Economic Freedom Fighters).


This follows a controversial incident during the EFF’s birthday celebrations where supporters were heard singing the song “Kill the Boer.”

Musk accused the EFF of openly advocating for the genocide of white people in South Africa and demanded that President Ramaphosa address the matter.

Elon Musk’s Call for Action:

In a tweet on Monday, Elon Musk expressed his concerns about the EFF’s actions.

He pointed out that the party was actively campaigning for the genocide of white people in South Africa.


Musk’s reaction was sparked by a video on Twitter showing Julius Malema and EFF supporters chanting phrases like “Kill the Boer” and “shoot to kill.”

Malema’s Response to Musk:

Julius Malema swiftly responded to Musk’s tweet with a dismissive retort, implying that the billionaire’s statement was nonsensical.

He used derogatory language to convey his disagreement with Musk’s accusations.

Support from Civil Rights Organizations and Musicians:

Ernst Roets, head of policy and action at the civil rights organization AfriForum, supported Musk’s call for action against Malema and the EFF.

Roets criticized President Ramaphosa for remaining silent on the issue and suggested that his silence was driven by political considerations.


Musician and YouTuber David Scott, known as The Kiffness, also joined the conversation, applauding Musk for speaking out against Malema’s actions.

Scott praised Musk’s stance on exposing bigotry and division on a global platform.

Legal Action Against Malema:

Amidst the controversy, the Freedom Front Plus (FF Plus) and the Democratic Alliance (DA) announced their intentions to take legal actions against Julius Malema.

The FF Plus revealed its plans to report Malema to the Human Rights Commission, while the DA announced that it would report him to the United Nations Human Rights Council.

The DA also plans to file a complaint with the parliament’s ethics committee due to Malema’s status as a member of parliament.


DA Leader’s Statement:

John Steenhuisen, the leader of the DA, criticized Malema’s actions during the EFF’s birthday celebrations.

Steenhuisen accused Malema of promoting hatred, division, and ethnic violence during his speech in front of a massive audience in Soweto.

He expressed concerns that Malema’s rhetoric might potentially rekindle civil unrest in the country.

Equality Court’s Ruling:

Last year, AfriForum took the matter of the “Kill the Boer” song to the Equality Court in Johannesburg, arguing that it constituted hate speech and incited violence.

However, the court ruled in favor of freedom of speech, stating that the song’s lyrics did not constitute hate speech or incite violence.


Judge Edwin Molahlehi dismissed the case, declaring that the song’s objective evaluation did not amount to hate speech.


Elon Musk’s call for action against Julius Malema and the EFF gained attention and support from various quarters.

While Musk accused the EFF of promoting genocide against white people in South Africa, Malema dismissed the claims.

Civil rights organizations and musicians supported Musk’s stance, and political parties such as the FF Plus and the DA announced their intentions to take legal action against Malema.

The ongoing controversy highlights the complexities surrounding freedom of speech and the boundaries of acceptable political expression in South Africa.


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