Elon Musk Accuses George Soros of Hating Humanity in Candid Joe Rogan Podcast

: Elon Musk’s Candid Interview

In a recent appearance on Joe Rogan’s podcast, Elon Musk made striking statements, including an accusation that billionaire George Soros ‘hates humanity’ due to his support for policies that Musk sees as detrimental to civilization.

Musk’s Controversial Statements

During the podcast, Musk, aged 52, discussed a range of topics with Joe Rogan while enjoying whisky and cigars.

He expressed concerns about Twitter’s impact on society, labeling it as ‘having a corrosive effect on civilization.’ Musk also criticized COVID-19 restrictions, asserting that ventilators, not the virus itself, were responsible for certain deaths.

Archery Challenge with Rogan

In a playful moment, Musk and Rogan ventured to the parking lot to shoot arrows at Musk’s Tesla Cybertruck. A $1 bet was made between them regarding whether the arrows would penetrate the truck’s sides, with Musk emerging as the victor.

Musk’s Critique of George Soros

Musk reiterated his long-standing criticism of George Soros, the 93-year-old billionaire financier known for supporting progressive causes and selling his Tesla stock.

Musk believed that Soros was ‘the top contributor to the Democratic party’ and questioned his motivations, opining that Soros ‘fundamentally hates humanity.’

Musk was particularly critical of Soros’s backing of progressive district attorneys, whom he viewed as being lenient on crime, contributing to issues in cities like San Francisco and Los Angeles.

Soros’s Philanthropy and Strategy

Musk credited Soros with being ‘very smart’ in using his wealth to achieve his goals.

He highlighted Soros’s adeptness at spotting value in local races and influencing local officials to enact policies he favored, even without changing laws. Musk emphasized that Soros’s influence extended beyond the United States.

Musk’s Past Comparisons and Twitter Acquisition

Elon Musk had previously compared George Soros to the X-Men supervillain Magneto on Twitter when Soros’s investment fund sold all their Tesla stock.

Musk’s comments led to concerns about conspiracy theories and trends associated with anti-Semitism. On the podcast, Musk discussed his acquisition of Twitter (now renamed as X) a year ago.

He acknowledged that he wanted to address what he perceived as the platform’s negative impact on civilization.

Musk cited the influence of San Francisco’s liberal environment on the company’s policies and user content.

Criticizing San Francisco’s Philosophy

Musk expressed his disappointment with the state of downtown San Francisco, which he described as a ‘zombie apocalypse.’

He attributed this to the philosophy that he believed had been transmitted through the tech hub. Musk regarded this philosophy as an ‘information weapon’ that had spread a ‘mind virus,’ contributing to the perceived decline of civilization.

Musk’s Upcoming AI Summit in Britain

Elon Musk is set to attend a global summit on artificial intelligence (AI) in Britain.

The summit will bring together AI industry representatives, political leaders, and experts to discuss the potential risks associated with AI.

The discussions will include topics such as unpredictable AI advancements and the loss of human control over AI technology.

Conclusion: Musk’s Bold and Controversial Views

Elon Musk’s candid interview on Joe Rogan’s podcast revealed his unfiltered opinions on various issues, including his critique of George Soros, concerns about Twitter, and his take on the state of civilization. These statements have sparked discussions and debates across various platforms.

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