2023 update: Elizabeth Johnson Baby Gabriel is no where to be found.

2023 update: Elizabeth Johnson Baby Gabriel is no where to be found.

The disappearance of Baby Gabriel, also known as Gabriel Johnson, remains a haunting mystery that has baffled investigators and the public since 2009. While the child has not been found, there is a glimmer of hope that he may still be alive. In June 2023, a new docuseries, Project Absentis, shed new light on the investigation, but the search continues.

The Disappearance of Baby Gabriel Gabriel Johnson, famously known as Baby Gabriel, was an infant believed to have been kidnapped and killed by his non-custodial mother, Elizabeth Johnson, in 2009. Elizabeth allegedly abducted the child from Tempe, Arizona, on December 18, 2009, and despite extensive efforts, Baby Gabriel has not been seen for many years.

Project Absentis: A Ray of Hope In June 2023, a new docuseries, Project Absentis, led by Abel Pena and other retired federal agents, brought renewed attention to the case. The family requested their involvement in the search for Baby Gabriel, but as of now, no significant developments have been reported.

The Quest for Answers Continues The 2023 update on Baby Gabriel’s case offers no concrete leads on his whereabouts. However, amidst the uncertainty, there is a prevailing belief that Gabriel may still be alive. Director Thomas Leader’s Peacock docuseries, “Where Is Baby Gabriel,” explores this question while refraining from favoring one theory over another due to the many uncertainties surrounding the case.

The Confession and Unanswered Questions Jesse Salame, the lead detective on the case 13 years ago, is now the Chief of Staff for SAPD Chief William McManus. He revealed in the Peacock documentary that Elizabeth Johnson had confessed to him about killing her son. This confession was obtained without permission while Johnson was in a mental health unit at a Phoenix jail.

The Ongoing Mystery Baby Gabriel’s whereabouts remain a mystery, and it is impossible to determine where he is now. The case remains open, and many hold onto hope that the child may be living with a new family. Gabriel’s family continues to grapple with uncertainty, unsure if he was murdered or adopted.

Elizabeth Johnson’s Name Change In 2022, Elizabeth took legal steps to change her identity, adding to the intrigue surrounding the case. She changed her last name to Martinez and was granted a legal name, Naomi Aragon. This decision raised questions about her motives and the secrecy surrounding Baby Gabriel’s fate.

A Heartbreaking Custody Battle Baby Gabriel’s disappearance in 2009 occurred amid a custody battle between his parents, Elizabeth Johnson and Logan McQueary. Johnson initially claimed to have killed him but later recanted. The case remained unsolved, leaving unanswered questions about his fate.

A Community United in Hope Despite the passage of time, the Facebook group “Bring Home Gabriel” serves as a testament to the enduring hope and commitment to finding answers. People continue to share their thoughts and support, keeping Baby Gabriel’s story alive in the hearts of many.

Conclusion The search for Baby Gabriel remains an ongoing and unresolved mystery. While hope persists that he may be alive, the case continues to be marked by uncertainty, unanswered questions, and the enduring determination of those who seek the truth about his disappearance.

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