Eleven on trial accused of sexually abusing children and witchcraft

Eleven on trial accused of sexually abusing children and witchcraft

In a harrowing legal proceeding, eleven individuals find themselves on trial, facing a multitude of grave accusations involving the sexual abuse of children and their alleged participation in acts related to witchcraft.

The seven men and four women collectively face a staggering 32 charges, vehemently denying each and every one of them.

Allegations of Witchcraft and Manipulation

The prosecution alleges that the accused coerced two children into participating in sinister activities.

These activities included conducting seances, utilizing a Ouija board to convince the children that they could communicate with spirits and demons, and subjecting them to classes involving witchcraft.

Disturbingly, these actions allegedly led the children to believe that they had undergone a transformation, morphing into animals.

These unsettling events reportedly unfolded between the years 2016 and 2020.

Allegations of Animal Cruelty and Forcing Children

Further allegations against the accused involve the “stabbing” of dogs to death, with the additional sinister detail that they forced two children to participate in these gruesome acts in 2018.

Denials and the Identity of the Accused

The eleven accused individuals, namely Iain Owens, Elaine Lannery, Lesley Williams, Paul Brannan, Marianne Gallagher, Scott Forbes, Barry Watson, Mark Carr, Richard Gachagan, Leona Laing, and John Clark, collectively deny the entire array of charges brought against them.

Serious Charges of Attempted Murder

Specifically, Owens, Lannery, Williams, Brannan, and Clark face charges of attempting to murder a girl.

The alleged abuse she endured is nothing short of horrifying, with reports suggesting she was placed in a microwave, forced to consume dog food, hung by her clothing from a nail, and even pursued by individuals donning devil masks.

These horrifying events are said to have occurred intermittently from December 2015 to June 2019.

Additional Charges and Alarming Claims

The accused individuals face a spectrum of other charges, including rape and possession of Class A drugs.

Shockingly, claims have arisen that members of the group not only witnessed but actively participated in and encouraged the sexual abuse of children, recording these horrendous acts.

Timeline and Locations of the Alleged Offenses

These alleged offenses span the period between 2010 and 2020, occurring at various locations within Glasgow.

The earliest recorded offense involving a child is reported to have taken place in 2012.

The accusations pertain to a total of four children.

Sexual Abuse and Disturbing Acts

Among the disturbing allegations, the group is accused of forcibly administering alcohol and drugs to a girl, compelling her to dress provocatively and perform sexualized dances.

Shockingly, it is further alleged that the girl was raped, with some of the women within the group purportedly offering verbal encouragement during the act.

These events are said to have transpired between October 2018 and June 2019, a period marked by severe trauma for the victims.

Perverting the Course of Justice

Additionally, Owens and Lannery are accused of perverting the course of justice during the years 2018 to 2020, adding another layer of gravity to the charges they face.

Continuation of the Trial

The trial, which is expected to span a period of six weeks, is currently underway before Lord Beckett, with these deeply disturbing allegations forming the core of this troubling legal proceeding.

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