Electricity company provides platform for direct vending

Electricity company provides platform for direct vending

The Abuja Electricity Distribution Company, AEDC, has received a boost with the development of a platform that allows electricity customer to buy energy directly from the company’s website rather than go through a third party.

The Chief Marketing Officer of AEDC, Donald Etim, at a press briefing said with the platform, customers are assured of elimination of extra charges such as service charge, commission and convenience fees, easy reconciliation of their account, twenty-four hours a week online real time services and instant value for the energy purchased from any part of its franchise area.


Etim said AEDC was guided by the need to create more access options for the customers and at the same time reduce the burden of any additional cost for Nigerians.

Similarly, AEDC is set to commence metering its customers through the Meter Asset Provider (MAP) scheme following its previous halt due to the operations of the National Mass Metering Programme.

The MAP Metering Programme gives customers the option of paying for a meter while the money is refunded to them through the issuance of energy credit over a period of 36 month.

To get a meter under the scheme, AEDC customers are required to apply by registering on the company’s website after which a site verification is then sent to them and finally metering of the customer’s property is executed.

The MAP scheme is response to the AEDC to ensure that all customers are metered in line with the policy of the Federal Government.

Regulated price for a single phase meter is a sixty-three thousand, six hundred and one naira, thirty two kobo while a three phase meter goes for one hundred and seventeen thousand, nine hundred and ten thousand, and sixty nine kobo.

Dominica Nwabufo
Electricity company provides platform for direct vending