Education Choices for Prince George

Elite Education Dilemma:

Recent events surrounding the education choices for Prince George, the second in line to the throne, have sparked speculation and intrigue.

While Eton College, renowned for educating royalty, might be the natural choice for the young prince, growing speculation suggests a deviation from tradition.

The focus now shifts to Marlborough College in Wiltshire, where Prince George’s mother, the Princess of Wales, has recently revisited, possibly signaling a departure from the Eton path.

The potential divergence from Eton College, a historic institution with royal ties, adds an unexpected twist to the narrative, raising questions about the royal family’s educational traditions.

A Royal Mother’s Influence:

The Princess of Wales, accompanied by her husband and ten-year-old George, has toured Marlborough College, sparking discussions about the family’s educational preferences.

Reports suggest that the Princess, herself an alumna of Marlborough, is not inclined towards single-sex schools like Eton.

Her own challenging experience at Downe House, an all-girls boarding school, where she allegedly faced bullying, contrasts with her positive academic and athletic achievements at Marlborough.

The personal experiences of the Princess of Wales influence the potential educational path for Prince George, shedding light on the royal family’s considerations beyond tradition.

Educational Crossroads:

As the decision-making process unfolds, the royal family faces a crucial juncture.

Marlborough College, with its co-educational structure and prestigious history, emerges as a viable alternative to Eton.

The speculation gains traction as the Princess, William, and George visited Marlborough, repeating their exploration of Eton back in June.

The exploration of both Marlborough and Eton underscores the careful consideration given to Prince George’s educational journey, emphasizing the importance of finding the right fit.

Inherited Perspectives and Challenges:

Eton College, situated conveniently close to Windsor Castle, played a pivotal role in Prince William and Prince Harry’s formative years.

While William found solace within its walls during turbulent times, Harry, in his memoir “Spare,” expressed regrets about the institution not being the right choice for him.

This familial perspective adds complexity to the decision-making process for Prince George.

The contrasting experiences of Prince William and Prince Harry at Eton provide a familial backdrop, reflecting the unique challenges and opportunities each royal member faces in choosing an educational path.

Current Academic Setting:

Prince George is currently enrolled at the co-educational prep school, Lambrook, alongside his siblings.

As he progresses through Year 6, considerations arise about his future educational endeavors.

Lambrook, close to the Middleton grandparents’ home, will see George move on in 2026.

The possibility of his continuation at a mixed-sex school like Marlborough opens the prospect of his siblings joining him in the future.

The current academic setting and potential continuity at Marlborough suggest a pragmatic approach to the royal children’s education, prioritizing co-education and familial proximity.

Historical Ties and Notable Alumni:

Marlborough College, founded in 1843, boasts an impressive roster of former pupils, including Princess Eugenie, Lady (Samantha) Cameron, and comedian Jack Whitehall.

The historical and accomplished alumni contribute to Marlborough’s allure, potentially influencing the royal family’s decision for Prince George.

The rich history and notable figures associated with Marlborough College add an additional layer of significance to the potential choice for Prince George’s education.

Preparation and Examinations:

Prince George’s recent exams and the active involvement of his mother, Kate, in his preparations provide insights into the family’s commitment to his education.

Kate’s revelation about George’s testing phase and her decision to miss Prince William’s Earthshot Prize ceremony in Singapore to support him during exams underscore the priority placed on the young prince’s academic journey.

The royal family’s hands-on approach to Prince George’s education reflects a commitment to his holistic development, emphasizing the importance of academic achievements.

Delightful Encounters and Undisclosed Choices:

During the visit to Marlborough College, the royal trio indulged in a low-key lunch at Tray’s Cafe in Hungerford, receiving praise for their amiable demeanor.

The undisclosed choices and preferences of the royal family regarding Prince George’s education remain closely guarded, with Kensington Palace choosing not to comment.

The discreet nature of the royal family’s choices adds an air of mystery to the unfolding narrative, leaving room for anticipation and speculation.

Application Processes and Royal Silence:

Eton and Marlborough, both prestigious institutions, entail similar application processes involving assessments and interviews, aligning with Prince George’s age.

The absence of an official statement from Kensington Palace maintains an air of secrecy around the royal family’s educational deliberations.

The commonality in application processes and the royal silence contribute to the intrigue surrounding Prince George’s educational future, leaving the public to anticipate a formal announcement.


The educational journey of Prince George, marked by considerations, speculations, and historical context, unfolds against the backdrop of royal traditions and familial experiences.

As the royal family navigates this pivotal decision, the public remains intrigued by the unfolding chapter in Prince George’s life.

The culmination of choices regarding Prince George’s education symbolizes a significant chapter in the royal family’s narrative, embodying a delicate balance between tradition and the individual needs of the young prince.

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