Nollywood Star and Politician Kenneth Okonkwo Criticizes Labour Party’s N30 Million Nomination Fee for Edo State Governorship Aspirants

Nollywood Star and Politician Kenneth Okonkwo Criticizes Labour Party’s N30 Million Nomination Fee for Edo State Governorship Aspirants

Expresses Discontent with Exorbitant Fee

Kenneth Okonkwo, a prominent figure in Nollywood and a member of the Labour Party, condemns the leadership of the party for imposing a N30 million nomination fee on aspirants vying for the party’s ticket in the upcoming Edo State governorship election.

He deems the fee excessive, objectionable, and contrary to the party’s principles.

Labour Party Faces Backlash: Okonkwo Deems Nomination Fee “Insensitive and Ill-Advised”

Actor-Politician Voices Concerns

In a concise statement released on his X account, Okonkwo expresses disappointment in the Labour Party’s decision to set a high nomination fee.

He contends that such a move is insensitive and ill-advised, especially for a party that purports to represent ordinary workers and Nigerians.

Labour Party’s Mission Misaligned: Okonkwo Urges Course Correction to Avoid Parallels with Established Parties

Fear of Mimicking Corrupt Practices

Okonkwo cautions the Labour Party against veering into the realm of the traditional and allegedly corrupt political parties, such as the All Progressives Congress (APC) and the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP).

He emphasizes the importance of maintaining the party’s original vision and ethos, catering to the needs of ordinary Nigerians.

Okonkwo Calls for Party’s Self-Reflection: Highlights Contradiction with Party’s Worker-Centric Identity

A Plea for Reevaluation

The Nollywood actor urges the Labour Party to reevaluate its decision, emphasizing the contradiction between the party’s identity as a representative of ordinary workers and the unaffordable nomination fee.

He calls for a reconsideration to prevent the party from being classified alongside the traditional political establishments.

Aspirants Rebel Against N30 Million Fee: Demand Reduction and Unity

Unity Among Aspirants

Governorship aspirants within the Labour Party reject the N30 million nomination fee, with Dr. Egbe Omorodion leading the charge.

He reveals that all aspirants seek a reduced fee and plan to convene to collectively address the matter.

Drawing attention to a precedent in Imo State, where fees were reduced to N15 million, Omorodion advocates for a similar adjustment in Edo State.

Labour Party Stands Firm: Insists on Economic Justification for N30 Million Fee

Party Leadership Defends Decision

The Labour Party, through its National Publicity Secretary, Obiora Ifoh, defends the N30 million nomination fee, asserting it is the most economical among major parties.

Ifoh challenges aspirants unable to afford the fee to withdraw their bids, emphasizing the economic viability of the party’s decision in the context of the Edo State governorship election.