Edinburgh Academy Scandal Deepens as BBC Presenter Details Alleged Abuse by Teacher Iain Wares

Edinburgh Academy Scandal Deepens as BBC Presenter Details Alleged Abuse by Teacher Iain Wares

BBC Radio Presenter Nicky Campbell Alleges Abuse by Teacher Iain Wares

Nicky Campbell, a presenter for BBC Radio 5 Live, has alleged that he was abused by teacher Iain Wares while they were both at Edinburgh Academy in the 1960s and 1970s.

Campbell claims that he witnessed Wares abusing other pupils and that he was also a victim of physical mistreatment at the hands of another teacher at the academy.

Wares Faces Extradition to the UK

Wares is currently facing a charge of historical indecent assault in Africa and is fighting an extradition battle that could see him return to the UK on more than 80 historical abuse charges involving more than 40 alleged victims.

Campbell Compares Wares to Jimmy Savile

Campbell has compared Wares to Jimmy Savile, who is believed to have abused hundreds of people, mostly children and mostly female, over decades.

Campbell said that Wares is “up there with Savile” and that he has “done the maths” and “calculated” it based on “his modus operandi, the number of people in the class, how frequently he did it.”

Edinburgh Academy Apologizes for Abuse

Edinburgh Academy has previously said that it has no plans to contest any of the claims of abuse made by former pupils.

In a statement issued in August, the school said: “Schools should be safe places for everyone and, at various points in our history, this was not the case for too many of our pupils.”

Wares’ Lawyer Says He Will Not Return to the UK

In March this year, lawyers acting for Wares said he would be unlikely to ever return to the UK to face trial.

His lawyer Ben Mathewson said his client had been advised the accusations against him in Britain were “not extraditable.”

“He can never be prosecuted or ordered back to Britain,” insisted Mr Mathewson.

“One of the alleged incidences happened on a campus where he had never set foot.”

“The alleged allegations against him happened when he was in his twenties.

The UK has waited until he is in his eighties.

It is difficult for one to recall what happened 60 years ago.”

The Scottish Child Abuse Inquiry is currently investigating allegations of abuse at Edinburgh Academy and Fettes College.