Ed Sheeran Applauds Burna Boy as the Ultimate Weed Enthusiast

Ed Sheeran Applauds Burna Boy as the Ultimate Weed Enthusiast


Ed Sheeran, the acclaimed U.K. singer, has recently bestowed a unique title upon Burna Boy, describing him as the “most weed-ingester” he knows on a global scale.

In a candid interview, Sheeran shared his amusing encounter with the Nigerian artist and his unparalleled passion for marijuana.

Ed Sheeran’s Revelations:

During the interview, Ed Sheeran recounted his day on set with Burna Boy, a time he will not soon forget.

Sheeran was astounded by Burna Boy’s unwavering dedication to his weed habit, as the Nigerian singer continually indulged in smoking throughout the day.

Burna Boy’s Well-Known Affinity for Marijuana:

Ed Sheeran’s comments have come as no surprise to Burna Boy’s devoted fan base, who are well aware of the artist’s deep-rooted love for marijuana.

Burna Boy has openly discussed his cannabis consumption, and his affinity for weed is no secret in the music industry.

Songs as Testimony:

Burna Boy’s passion for marijuana extends to his music, where he has incorporated the topic into his songs.

His tracks often reflect his personal experiences and his unique perspective on weed.

Burna Boy’s Artistic Inspiration:

In a 2019 interview, Burna Boy shed light on his relationship with marijuana, emphasizing its role in his creative process.

He expressed that he smokes weed both for relaxation and as a source of inspiration for his artistic endeavors.


Ed Sheeran’s playful acknowledgment of Burna Boy’s affinity for weed adds a humorous touch to their interactions.

Burna Boy’s unapologetic embrace of marijuana continues to be a defining element of his identity and artistic expression, making him a distinctive figure in the music industry.

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