EastEnders Star Molly Rainford Stays Loyal to ‘Team Gu’ Despite Co-Star Bobby Brazier’s Strictly Journey

During a recent appearance on Lorraine Kelly’s talk show, the spotlight was on Molly Rainford, the former EastEnders star.

The conversation revolved around various topics, from addressing Russell Brand’s allegations to discussing the much-anticipated launch of the latest season of Strictly Come Dancing.

Molly’s Complicated Connection with Co-Star Bobby Brazier

Molly, a 22-year-old former finalist of the show, joined Lorraine to delve into her character Anna Knight’s tangled romantic web with two characters: Freddie Slater and Bobby Brazier.

Bobby, who plays Freddie Slater, is also her co-star on EastEnders, which added an intriguing layer to the conversation.

Loyalty to “Team Gu”

Shifting gears to Strictly Come Dancing, Lorraine couldn’t resist probing Molly about her stance on supporting Bobby Brazier in the competition.

Molly, with honesty, confessed that her heart belonged to another.

She asserted, “I’ve got to support my castmates, but I’m team Gu forever.”

Lorraine, acknowledging Molly’s history, remarked, “Well, of course you are, because you danced with him [for so long].”

Molly even went as far as feeling that Bobby’s dance partner was her partner too, underscoring her deep connection with her former dance partner.

The Anticipation and a Tinge of Nostalgia

Lorraine probed further, wondering if it would be strange for Molly to witness Bobby dancing with someone else.

Molly admitted to a touch of oddity but eagerly expressed her excitement about seeing their dance partnership unfold.

In her words, “I can’t wait to see what they do together. Just look at them; they’re so lovely!”

Behind-the-Scenes Dance Lessons

Before concluding the conversation, it was revealed that Molly had been secretly giving Bobby some dance lessons in preparation for his appearance on the 21st series of Strictly Come Dancing.

These clandestine lessons aimed to give Bobby an edge in the highly competitive dance competition.


Molly Rainford’s loyalty to her former dance partner, nicknamed “Team Gu,” is a testament to the strong bonds formed during their time on the show.

Her candidness about her feelings and anticipation for Bobby’s journey in Strictly Come Dancing provides an intriguing glimpse into the world of entertainment and the connections that persist even after the spotlight has shifted.

Molly’s commitment to supporting her co-star while also preparing him behind the scenes underscores the camaraderie that often exists in the entertainment industry.