Shane Richie’s Personal Prostate Cancer Scare Mirrors Alfie Moon’s EastEnders Storyline

Shane Richie’s Personal Prostate Cancer Scare Mirrors Alfie Moon’s EastEnders Storyline

Shane Richie’s Fear Amid Alfie Moon’s Cancer Storyline

EastEnders actor Shane Richie recently opened up about his personal fears as he discussed his on-screen character Alfie Moon’s prostate cancer scare in the show.

During an appearance on BBC’s The One Show, Shane shared his thoughts on Alfie’s emotional scenes, where the character grapples with the fear of death before receiving a clean bill of health.

However, what the actor revealed was that he had his own anxieties about being diagnosed with prostate cancer, a mere two days before learning about the storyline.

A Shocking Revelation on The One Show

Shane explained that he was called into Executive Producer Chris Clenshaw’s office, expecting to hear about a new storyline involving Kat and Alfie.

To his astonishment, he discovered that Alfie would be embarking on a cancer storyline.

The actor then revealed a startling truth: “Here’s the thing,” he began, “This is absolutely true, I don’t think I’ve told many people this other than my wife – two days before that meeting, I went for a health check for prostate cancer.”

Facing Personal Fears

Shane’s decision to get checked was influenced by the fact that a friend of his had been diagnosed with the same disease.

He admitted that he feared he might be next due to his age and the reminders from friends who had faced prostate cancer.

The actor, with a young family, saw this as a crucial step in ensuring his well-being.

Thankfully, a Positive Outcome

Shane shared the relief he felt when he received the news that he was alright, just two days before being approached about the cancer storyline. In upcoming episodes of EastEnders, Alfie Moon will undergo treatment for prostate cancer, a plotline that hits close to home for Shane Richie, given his recent health scare.

Alfie Moon’s Journey in EastEnders

As the EastEnders storyline unfolds, Alfie Moon is set to leave the Square temporarily for prostate cancer treatment.

Fans will discover that he had been lying about receiving the all-clear. Alfie’s journey will involve a prostatectomy, with support from Linda Carter.

His cancer was detected after a hospital visit prompted by pains resulting from a previous altercation. The character is also set to seek further treatment in Spain as a distraction during Kat and Phil’s wedding.