Drug Lords Invade ‘The Last Best Place’ – Montana’s Ongoing Struggle Against Cartels

Drug Lords Invade ‘The Last Best Place’ – Montana’s Ongoing Struggle Against Cartels

Mexican Cartels Expand Northward, Targeting Montana’s Vulnerable Communities”

Drug Cartels’ Infiltration:

Mexican drug cartels have extended their operations into Montana, exploiting the state’s Native American communities and escalating the drug crisis.

Montana, known as the ‘last best place,’ is now grappling with a surge in drug addiction, making it an enticing target for cartels seeking substantial profits.

The cartels strategically prey on vulnerable Native American populations, luring them into a cycle of addiction and debt.

Montana’s Escalating Drug Problem:

Montana, ranked as the second most ‘addicted’ state in the U.S., witnesses a steady increase in illicit drug use, with 18.2 percent of the population engaged in drug consumption.

The allure for cartels lies in the exorbitant prices they can command for drugs like fentanyl, with Montana residents willing to pay up to 20 times more than urban centers closer to the border.

This surge in drug activity has particularly plagued Montana’s Indian reservations, exacerbating crime, overdoses, and social issues.

Cartel Tactics and Impact on Native Americans:

Cartels tactically infiltrate Native American communities due to their high addiction rates and limited law enforcement presence.

Exploiting the vulnerability of these communities, cartels establish relationships, including with Indigenous women, to gain access.

The repercussions include a surge in crimes, overdoses, and a disturbing cycle where traffickers turn Native Americans into both dealers and addicts.

Law Enforcement Challenges and Cartel Operations:

Montana’s struggle against the drug epidemic is compounded by limited law enforcement resources.

Cartels exploit this vulnerability, manipulating individuals into becoming drug dealers by initially supplying them with drugs to sell.

Notably, a former Mexican police officer’s attempt to smuggle meth into Montana highlights the audacity of cartel operations, revealing the magnitude of the issue.

Fentanyl Onslaught and Community Devastation:

The rise of fentanyl poses a severe threat to Montana, with a substantial increase in overdose deaths and a surge in the drug’s availability.

Native American reservations, such as Blackfeet Reservation, witness a disproportionate number of overdoses.

The devastating impact includes overwhelmed treatment facilities, the spread of addiction, and the cartel’s role in perpetuating the crisis.

Montana’s Disheartening Transformation:

Despite being hailed as ‘the last best place,’ Montana undergoes a disheartening transformation as drug-related activities mar its once-idyllic landscapes.

Abandoned homes, former drug dens, and gas stations transformed into drug deal sites reflect the insidious reach of cartels.

The tales of individuals like Ranita R. Redfield and Zachary D. Bacon illustrate the human toll, as vulnerable community members become ensnared in cartel operations.


Montana, facing an unprecedented onslaught from Mexican cartels, grapples with a worsening drug crisis that has infiltrated its communities.

The state’s struggle against addiction, particularly among Native American populations, underscores the urgent need for comprehensive solutions to address the root causes and curb the influence of drug cartels.

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