Dricus Du Plessis confidently pledges an exciting promise for Toronto

A Fighter’s Promise

South African UFC fighter Dricus Du Plessis is gearing up for an intense showdown against Sean Strickland on January 20, 2024, with a bold declaration: he’s aiming to obliterate the need for judges in their upcoming match.

A Determined Approach

In a recent interview with My MMA News, Du Plessis voiced his commitment to delivering a definitive finish. He emphasized his intent to initiate the fight with an unrelenting attack, setting the pace right from the start. His strategy is clear: aiming for a swift finish, Du Plessis confidently predicted that the fight won’t even make it to the championship rounds.

Thrilling Performances

Known for delivering electrifying performances, Du Plessis has already marked his UFC journey with several standout displays, including a fight of the night against Darren Till. With a diverse background in judo and kickboxing, he promises to bring yet another thrilling encounter against Strickland.

A Pledge to Entertain

Anticipating an exciting bout, Du Plessis highlighted his career’s consistency in delivering engaging fights, whether victorious or not. He stressed that his matches have always been captivating, assuring fans that his clash with Strickland won’t be any different. Known for their shared enthusiasm for standing and trading blows, Du Plessis emphasized that neither he nor Strickland would shy away from an all-out brawl.

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