Dragon’s Den Investment Winner Faces Allegations

Entrepreneurial Success and Legal Turmoil: Ross Mendham’s Allegations

Ross Mendham, a successful participant on Dragon’s Den, faces a troubling turn of events as he stands remanded in prison following allegations of assaulting his heavily pregnant partner during a violent altercation.

The businessman, known for securing a £60,000 investment for his low-calorie food business, now finds himself entangled in legal proceedings over the reported attack on Annabelle Weedall, who was 32 weeks pregnant at the time.

The Allegations and Legal Proceedings

During a hearing in Norwich, prosecutor Josephine Jones detailed that Mendham purportedly punched Ms. Weedall in the face, causing injuries to her arms.

The severity of the allegations prompted the court to remand Mendham in prison. His solicitor, Matt Diss, asserted Mendham’s denial of the assault charges, emphasizing that he has never engaged in such behavior.

Legal Course and Future Hearing

The magistrates’ bench referred the case to Norwich Crown Court, deeming the nature of the allegations beyond their jurisdiction. Mendham was denied bail and is set to remain in prison until a preliminary hearing scheduled for the new year.

Entrepreneurial Journey and Personal Struggles

Mendham gained prominence after clinching a substantial investment on Dragon’s Den for his low-calorie food venture, now known as Barenaked Foods.

His appearance on the show included emotional moments, such as discussing his wife Kelly’s miscarriage and subsequent birth of their son, Oliver. Mendham, son of former City of Norwich footballer Peter Mendham, resides in Norwich with Ms. Weedall, with whom he had established various business ventures.

Upcoming Legal Proceedings

Mendham is slated to appear at Norwich Crown Court on January 3 to address the allegations, marking a significant turn from his entrepreneurial successes to legal confrontations.

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