Jennifer Lopez’s Alleged Love Addiction Blamed for Strain on Her Marriage with Ben Affleck, Says Experts

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck’s relationship has been under scrutiny as rumors of an impending divorce swirl. According to TV host and addiction specialist Dr. Drew Pinsky, Lopez’s struggle with love addiction might be a contributing factor to their marital issues.

This topic was explored in the latest episode of TMZ Investigates: JLo and Ben: Missed Warning Signs.

Love Addiction Explored

Dr. Drew, a well-known TV personality and addiction specialist, shared his insights on the show, suggesting that Lopez’s history of seeking intense romantic relationships could be detrimental.

“Love addiction is very real and can severely impact relationships,” Dr. Drew explained. He noted that many individuals in 12-step programs identify as love addicts, exhibiting behaviors like poor boundaries and an inability to extricate themselves from relationships.

Jon Peters’ Observations

Film producer Jon Peters, 79, also weighed in, describing Lopez as a “love addict.” He pointed to her extensive relationship history as evidence.

“She can’t be alone. She needs a man in her life and has never spent real time developing herself,” Peters stated.

A History of Relationships

Lopez, 54, has had a well-documented series of high-profile relationships. She has been married four times and linked to several famous men. Her first marriage to producer Ojani Noa in 1997 ended in less than a year.

She then dated Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs, followed by a short-lived marriage to dancer Cris Judd. After a failed engagement with Affleck in the early 2000s, she married Marc Anthony, with whom she shares twins.

Post-divorce, she was involved with Beau ‘Casper’ Smart, and briefly with Drake, before getting engaged to Alex Rodriguez. After their split in 2021, she rekindled her relationship with Affleck, marrying him in 2022.

Current Marital Tensions

Despite their public displays of unity, such as attending Ben’s daughter Violet’s graduation and sharing a kiss at his son Samuel’s basketball game, sources indicate that Lopez and Affleck are struggling.

They are reportedly living in separate houses and trying to sell their $60 million Beverly Hills home. A source told that Lopez is “over” trying to make the marriage work. “Jenny has had enough.

She really tried, but it’s not getting any better,” the source revealed, citing Affleck’s grumpy demeanor as a significant strain on their relationship.

Dr. Drew’s Analysis

Dr. Drew elaborated on the concept of love addiction, explaining that those afflicted often fall hard and fast into relationships, making it difficult to maintain healthy boundaries.

“They fall hard for people, and once they go in, they can’t get themselves out,” he said. This pattern can lead to a cycle of intense relationships that are ultimately unsustainable.

A Pattern of Intense Relationships

Lopez’s romantic history aligns with Dr. Drew’s description of love addiction. Her rapid transitions from one relationship to another and the intensity with which she pursues love suggest a deeper underlying issue.

Despite her professional success, her personal life reflects a pattern of seeking validation and fulfillment through romantic relationships.

The Impact on Marriage

The pressures of maintaining a high-profile marriage, combined with personal struggles like love addiction, can create a challenging environment.

Affleck, who is described as a great but often grumpy and stressed individual, may also find it difficult to cope with these dynamics.

His demanding work schedule, including filming “Accounting 2,” adds another layer of stress to their relationship.

Conclusion: Seeking Balance

While love addiction might not be the sole cause of their marital problems, it highlights the complexities of maintaining a relationship under the public eye and personal pressures. Lopez and Affleck’s journey reflects the difficulties faced by many couples, especially those in the limelight.

Understanding and addressing underlying issues like love addiction could be key to finding balance and harmony in their relationship.

Lopez’s story serves as a reminder of the importance of self-awareness and personal development in sustaining healthy relationships. As she navigates these challenges, her experience may offer valuable insights to others facing similar struggles.


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