Justice Department Unveils Final Rule on ‘Engaged in the Business’ Definition for Firearm Sales, Aiming to Enhance Background Check Compliance

The Justice Department has announced the submission of the “Engaged in the Business” Final Rule to the Federal Register, aiming to define the circumstances under which an individual is considered to be “engaged in the business” of dealing in firearms.

This clarification seeks to enhance compliance with federal background check requirements for firearm sales conducted by federal firearms licensees.

Background and Purpose of the Rule:

The final rule is intended to provide clarity and specificity regarding the criteria that determine whether an individual is deemed to be engaged in the business of selling firearms.

By establishing clear guidelines, the Justice Department aims to improve enforcement of background check regulations and ensure that all firearm transactions conducted by federal firearms licensees adhere to federal law.

Related Resources:

In addition to announcing the final rule, the Justice Department has provided supplementary information and resources related to the update of the “Engaged in the Business” definition.

Interested parties can access additional details and context through the provided link to the official announcement on the Justice Department’s website.

Impact on Compliance and Oversight:

The implementation of the final rule is expected to have significant implications for compliance with background check requirements in firearm sales.

By clarifying the criteria for determining engagement in the business of firearms dealing, the rule aims to strengthen oversight of firearm transactions and mitigate the risk of unauthorized sales or transfers.

Ensuring Regulatory Clarity:

With the release of the final rule, the Justice Department seeks to ensure regulatory clarity and consistency in the enforcement of firearm sale regulations.

By providing a clear framework for identifying individuals engaged in the business of firearms dealing, the rule contributes to a more robust and effective system for regulating firearm transactions and safeguarding public safety.

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