“Does marrying someone with two divorces raise a red flag?” – Maureen Esisi asks

The featured area presents a post by Maureen Esisi, a Nigerian businesswoman, who raises a thought-provoking question about the implications of marrying someone with two failed marriages.

The accompanying image depicts Maureen Esisi, creating a visual context for the discussion.

Maureen Esisi’s Inquiry:

Maureen questions whether marrying an individual who has experienced two divorces should be considered a red flag.

The post, now deleted, emphasizes the significance of this concern, especially if the ex-spouses are still alive.

This inquiry reflects Maureen’s perspective on the potential warning signs associated with such a marital history.

Personal Experience and Views:

As the former wife of Nollywood actor Blossom Chukwujekwu, Maureen shares her personal stance, asserting that encountering someone with two failed marriages raises suspicions of narcissistic tendencies.

This paragraph sheds light on Maureen’s firm beliefs and her unwillingness to be swayed in her opinion.

Netizens’ Reactions:

The post garnered reactions from netizens, providing a glimpse into public opinions.

Comments from individuals like Mikkyx, Quincy Focus, and Ruth Nkeki highlight diverse viewpoints on whether marrying someone with two divorces is a red flag.

These responses add a social dimension to the discussion, showcasing varied perspectives on the matter.


The article concludes by featuring a post that captures Maureen Esisi’s query along with a selection of reactions from the online community.

The combination of Maureen’s personal stance and public responses creates a multifaceted exploration of the question, allowing readers to contemplate the complexities surrounding the idea of marrying someone with a history of two failed marriages.