Dispute Over Sunbeds in Benidorm As AreTourists Kicked Off for Early Reservations

Dispute Over Sunbeds in Benidorm As AreTourists Kicked Off for Early Reservations

In Benidorm, a popular tourist destination, tensions arose recently when British tourists attempted to reserve sunbeds at the Melia Hotel ahead of schedule.

Video footage captured the moment when two men were confronted by a security guard for their early bid to secure sunbeds, a move that goes against hotel policy.

The incident sheds light on the ongoing struggle for prime sunbathing spots, a phenomenon commonly referred to as the “sunbed wars.”

The Confrontation: Early Reservation Attempt

The altercation unfolded as the security guard admonished the two men for attempting to claim sunbeds before the designated time.

Despite the guard’s warnings and gestures signaling the violation of hotel rules, the men persisted in their endeavor.

Eventually, they were escorted away and instructed to join the queue forming at the pool area’s entrance, adhering to the established protocol.

Context: The Sunbed Wars in Benidorm

The incident at the Melia Hotel is indicative of a broader issue plaguing hotels in Benidorm, known as the “sunbed wars.”

As the summer season approaches, tourists vie for coveted spots by the pool, often resorting to tactics such as early reservations to secure their preferred location.

This competitive atmosphere can lead to confrontations and disputes among guests, highlighting the significance attached to sunbed allocation.

Hotel Policies and Enforcement

To mitigate conflicts arising from sunbed reservations, hotels in Benidorm have implemented various policies and enforcement measures.

At the Melia Hotel, access to the pool area and sunbeds is restricted until 9 am, with guests required to queue behind a rope cordon.

Security personnel monitor the area closely, ensuring compliance with the rules and intervening when necessary to address violations.

VIP Access and Special Privileges

Guests with Level Lounge Access enjoy certain privileges, including access to a roped-off area with VIP beds.

This exclusive arrangement allows individuals to relax in comfort without the constraints imposed on other guests.

However, even within this privileged space, adherence to hotel regulations remains paramount to maintain order and fairness.

Early Bird Tactics and Breakfast Rush

In anticipation of the pool area opening, tourists often engage in early bird tactics, rushing to secure sunbeds before the official start time.

This behavior has become increasingly common, with guests seen carrying stacks of towels and strategically placing them to reserve multiple beds.

The rush for sunbeds coincides with breakfast time, as guests balance the desire for relaxation with the need to fuel up for the day ahead.

Witness Accounts: Scenes of Chaos

Witnesses recount scenes of chaos and frenzy as tourists scramble to claim their spot by the pool.

Clare Fairbrother, a vacationer from Warrington, describes the spectacle as “crazy,” noting the speed at which guests move to secure sunbeds, often sending children ahead to reserve spots.

Such scenes evoke a sense of competition and urgency among guests, amplifying the intensity of the sunbed wars.

Resort Repercussions and Guest Discontent

The sunbed wars have not gone unnoticed by hotel management, who have implemented measures to curb excessive reservation tactics.

Instances of guests being left without sunbeds, despite their efforts, have led to frustration and discontent.

One family, unable to secure loungers at their Greek resort despite a purported policy, received compensation for their inconvenience, highlighting the severity of the issue.

Conclusion: Balancing Comfort and Fairness

As the battle for sunbeds rages on in Benidorm and other tourist destinations, finding a balance between guest comfort and fairness remains a challenge for hotels.

While measures are in place to regulate sunbed allocation, enforcing these policies effectively requires vigilance and cooperation from both guests and staff.

As vacationers seek relaxation and enjoyment, the management of sunbed disputes plays a crucial role in shaping the overall guest experience.

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