Disney’s Snow White Remake Draws Ire: Original Director’s Son Calls Changes ‘Disgraceful’


David Hand, the son of the original director of *Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs*, has strongly criticized Disney’s upcoming live-action remake of the classic movie.

Hand rebuked Walt Disney Studios for pursuing what he described as an ‘insulting’ and ‘woke’ remake that lacks respect for the original 1937 animation.

He expressed concern that the new adaptation aimed to ‘destroy’ the legacy of the original and claimed that both his father and Walt Disney himself would be disheartened by the new version.

Hand’s criticism was directed at the upcoming film starring Rachel Zegler as Snow White.

Disney’s String of Live-Action Remakes and Zegler’s Comments

This latest Disney remake is part of a series of live-action ‘reimaginings’ of 20th-century classic animations, aimed at modern audiences.


Rachel Zegler, who plays the titular character in the new film, has been seen in online videos expressing negative views about the original movie, calling it ‘hated’ and ‘extremely dated.’

However, Hand pointed out that many younger individuals might not have seen the original film and thus might misunderstand its significance and value.

Concerns about the New Remake and Original Intent

Hand expressed his reservations about the new movie’s concept, stating that it differs significantly from the original’s intent.

He asserted that both his father and Walt Disney would disagree with the remake and emphasized that the original was produced with ‘good taste.’

Hand criticized the sentiment of animosity towards a movie that is nearly nine decades old, calling it ‘pathetic.’


Disney’s Approach to Remakes and Original Ideas

In light of the controversy surrounding various Disney remakes, including the recent *The Little Mermaid*, Hand criticized the company for focusing on recreating classic movies rather than developing new original ideas.

He labeled this approach as ‘radical’ and expressed concern about the changes made to some remakes, which he felt altered the characters and stories too drastically.

Hand called for a return to creating new characters rather than modifying established classics.

Changes in the Remake and Shifting Focus

Zegler’s remarks indicated that the new remake would deviate from the traditional love story narrative.

Hand mentioned that Adriana Caselotti, the original voice actor for Snow White, would have been concerned about suggestions that her character was not feminist.


Additionally, the new production will replace the seven dwarfs with ‘magical creatures’ to avoid reinforcing stereotypes.

The characters’ genders, ethnicities, and heights will be diverse. As a result of these changes, the film’s title will be simplified to *Snow White*.

Disney has yet to respond to inquiries from MailOnline regarding these developments.

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