Dino Melaye’s Vision: Unifying Kogi Beyond Religious and Ethnic Lines

Promising a Unifying Leadership: Dino Melaye’s Pledge Ahead of Kogi Governorship Election

In the lead-up to the highly anticipated Kogi governorship election on November 11, Senator Dino Melaye, the candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), has made significant promises regarding his governing approach.

Addressing party supporters at the grand finale of his campaign, Melaye outlined key principles that he intends to uphold if elected.

Governing Beyond Religious and Ethnic Boundaries:

One of the central themes of Melaye’s address was a commitment to governance devoid of religious or ethnic affiliations.

Emphasizing a non-partisan approach, he declared, “I will not be a Muslim governor, I will not be a Christian governor, I will not be an Egbira governor, I will not be an Okun governor, but I will govern with the fear of God.”

This statement reflects Melaye’s pledge to prioritize the unity of the state over divisive factors.

Economic Vision and Development Plans:

Senator Melaye articulated a comprehensive vision for the economic development of Kogi.

He pledged to focus on industrialization and leverage the state’s abundant mineral resources.

Additionally, he proposed boosting internally generated revenue through strategic investments in tourism, aiming to attract investors and foster economic growth.

Claiming Qualifications and Experience:

Asserting his candidacy as the most qualified among the 18 contestants, Melaye highlighted his experience, education, and exposure.

This positioning suggests his belief in being well-equipped to steer the state in the right direction, addressing the multifaceted challenges it may face.

Commitment to Employment and Workers’ Welfare:

In a bid to address issues stemming from the screening exercise under the current government, Melaye promised to recall those who were dismissed within six months of assuming office.

Furthermore, he assured that their arrears would be settled in full.

This commitment aims to resonate with voters concerned about employment stability and workers’ welfare.

Closing Remarks:

As the campaign for the Kogi governorship election reaches its climax, Senator Dino Melaye’s promises emphasize the need for inclusive governance, economic revitalization, and commitment to the welfare of the state’s workforce.

The electorate now awaits the election day to see whether these pledges will translate into transformative action for Kogi.

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