Die-in protest staged in Taipei against Bucha massacre in Ukraine

Die-in protest staged in Taipei against Bucha massacre in Ukraine

Taipei, April 17 (CNA) Ukrainian citizens and supporters in Taipei held a die-in demonstration Sunday in protest against the reported massacre of hundreds of civilians in the town of Bucha in Ukraine by invading Russian forces.

During the protest at Liberty Square, dozens of demonstrators stretched out on the ground, pretending to be dead, while the sounds of aerial bombardment, bombings and shootings filled the air, in simulation of the Russian attacks on civilians in Ukraine.

In particular, the protesters called attention to a reported massacre in Bucha, where, according to the town’s mayor, more than 400 bodies have been found since April 12, following the withdrawal of Russian forces from the town after a month of occupation.

The Kremlin, however, has categorically rejected the accusations that Russian forces were responsible for the killings in Bucha and has suggested that the images of corpses lining the streets were “fake.”

One of the protesters in Taipei said Sunday that Bucha was one of many areas that have been devastated by the Russian military during the current invasion of Ukraine.

“The people living there had nothing to do with the military, and there are no military installations in Bucha, but civilians were killed by the Russians, for no reason,” said Daria Zheng, who is from Vinnitsya in west-central Ukraine and has lived in Taiwan for more than five years.

Another Ukrainian, who asked to be identified only as Vadym, said he has lost his father and grandfather in war in Ukraine, and his 18-year-old brother is still fighting the Russian invaders.

“We will never give up,” Vadym said. “We are a free people, and no one can take that away from us. We will win because we are fighting for our future.”

Alex Khomenko, one of the Ukrainian organizers of the protest, urged the people of Taiwan to continue to support Ukraine by donating money to help the women and children of his country as long as the war continues.

Meanwhile, Taiwan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) and the Polish representative office in Taipei held a benefit concert for Ukraine at National Concert Hall in Taipei on Sunday.

“As we listen to the elegant music at the concert, we will also pray for Ukraine,” Wu said. “Let’s pray that the war will soon be over and the people of Ukraine can rebuild their homeland.”

Cyryl Kozaczewski, director of the Polish Office in Taipei, said that since Russia invaded Ukraine on February 24, more than 4.5 million refugees have fled to nearby European countries, and the majority of them — over 3 million — have found temporary shelter in Poland.

Kozaczewski said he deeply appreciated the donations and humanitarian aid that Taiwan and its people have offered to Poland and other countries sheltering Ukrainian refugees.

“Your help in this effort will not be forgotten,” he said.

The proceeds from the concert, minus the overhead costs, will go towards MOFA’s efforts to help Ukrainian refugees, according to the Polish office.

(By Joseph Yeh)


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