Security Agencies Issue Stern Warning Ahead of Off-Cycle Elections in Kogi, Imo, and Bayelsa

Security Agencies’ Stern Warning

In the lead-up to the off-cycle governorship elections in Kogi, Imo, and Bayelsa States, the Defence Headquarters (DHQ), Department of State Service (DSS), and Inspector-General of Police (IGP) Kayode Egbetokun have jointly issued a stern warning to electorates and political stakeholders.

Concerns About Impersonation

The military, represented by Director of Defence Media Operations, Major-General Edward Buba, revealed that certain individuals associated with specific candidates plan to masquerade as military personnel to cause disturbances during the elections.

The warning emphasized severe consequences for anyone attempting to disguise themselves as military personnel, as the military is determined not to allow its image to be tarnished.

Military Deployment for Voter Safety

Major-General Edward Buba assured residents of the three states that the military is deployed in strength to create a safe environment for voters.

However, he explicitly warned against any attempts to orchestrate havoc or disrupt the elections, stressing the military’s commitment to protecting the integrity of the electoral process.

Consequences for Misconduct and Violations

The military’s warning extended to its own troops, cautioning against potential violations of electoral guidelines or disruptive behavior.

Major-General Buba made it clear that such actions could result in a court-martial, emphasizing the disciplined and well-trained nature of the Armed Forces of Nigeria.

IGP’s Redeployment Announcement

In a related development, IGP Kayode Egbetokun announced the immediate redeployment of 14 Assistant Inspector-General of Police (AIGs) and 26 Commissioners of Police (CPs). This strategic move aims to enhance security and ensure a smooth electoral process.

DSS Emphasizes Responsible Communication

The Department of State Service (DSS) also weighed in, cautioning individuals and organizations against making inflammatory remarks ahead of the elections.

The agency stressed that the use of aggressive language could disrupt the organized and peaceful conduct of elections in the three states.

Stakeholders Sue for Peace

Amidst the security warnings, concerned stakeholders, including traditional rulers and religious leaders, have advocated for peace, underscoring the importance of a harmonious electoral process.