Devastating Loss: Mum Passes Away from Rare Form of Leukemia on Diagnosis Day

Devastating Loss: Mum Passes Away from Rare Form of Leukemia on Diagnosis Day

Liz Taylor, a vibrant teaching assistant leading a healthy life, faced an unexpected health ordeal when she started experiencing migraines, blurred vision, and fatigue in May last year.


Initially attributing these symptoms to the stress of daily life, Liz underwent blood tests that revealed a low blood count.

At first, it was believed to be a viral infection, but her condition worsened as her vision blurred and migraines intensified.

A Desperate Diagnosis and Rapid Deterioration

Seeking medical attention, Liz was taken to A&E, where she was diagnosed with neutropenia – a condition characterized by low levels of specific white blood cells.

As her symptoms intensified, Liz developed severe chest pain and leg pain, along with heavy bleeding, prompting further medical investigations.


MRI scans revealed multiple brain marks, leading doctors to suspect a heart problem causing a series of small strokes.

Unfortunately, two weeks later, Liz suffered a severe stroke, and more tests were required.

A Late Revelation and Devastating Outcome

On July 14, the truth emerged – Liz was diagnosed with acute promyelocytic leukemia (APML), an aggressive and rapidly-developing blood cancer.

Tragically, Liz passed away the same day.

Her widower, Jonathan, believes that earlier identification of symptoms could have changed the outcome, but diagnosing APML is challenging due to its vague and non-specific signs.


A Family’s Journey to Raise Awareness and Funds

In the wake of their devastating loss, Jonathan and Liz’s daughters, Kate and Charlotte, channeled their grief into raising awareness and funds for leukemia research.

They have organized charity events, including a luncheon and a 50-mile Summer Solstice Trek.

Liz’s former school has also contributed with charity bake sales.

The family’s next fundraising event, a golf day at Kilworth Springs Golf Club, aims to surpass the £20,000 mark for Leukemia UK.

Advocacy for Early Detection and Research

Liz’s tragic story underscores the importance of early detection in treating APML.


Fiona Hazel, Chief Executive of Leukemia UK, expressed her condolences to Jonathan and his family and emphasized the charity’s efforts to facilitate quicker diagnosis through blood tests and bone marrow biopsies.

Research remains crucial in the fight against leukemia, with the ultimate goal of saving lives and ending the devastation caused by the disease.

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