Detroit Police Officer Charged with Manslaughter After Fatal Altercation at Bowling Alley

Detroit Police Officer Charged with Manslaughter After Fatal Altercation at Bowling Alley

In a tragic incident, a 71-year-old man, Daryl Vance, lost his life following a fatal altercation with Detroit Police Officer Juwan Marquise Alexander Brown at a popular bowling alley.

The officer, 29-year-old Brown, now faces manslaughter charges, with potential implications of a 15-year sentence for his alleged role in Vance’s death.

Bowling Alley Disturbance:

The unfortunate incident unfolded on September 1 at the Garden Bowl in Midtown Detroit, where Brown was dispatched in response to a call reporting a disturbance involving Vance.

The 71-year-old was accused of causing a disturbance and refusing to leave the establishment.

A verbal confrontation ensued between Brown and Vance, culminating in a tragic turn of events.

Fatal Punch and Immediate Consequences:

During the heated exchange, Officer Brown allegedly delivered a punch to Vance’s face, leading to the elderly man’s fall and subsequent head injury on the pavement.

Despite Vance being rushed to a Metro Detroit hospital, he succumbed to his injuries 20 days later on September 21.

The Wayne County medical examiner determined the cause of death as blunt force trauma to the head from the punch.

Prosecutorial Response and Critique:

The Wayne County Prosecutor’s Office swiftly announced manslaughter charges against Officer Brown, emphasizing that evidence suggested the officer was the aggressor in the situation.

Prosecutor Kym Worthy denounced Brown’s actions, stating they went beyond what was necessary and that such behavior cannot be tolerated in law enforcement.

Suspension and Termination:

Upon reviewing body camera footage of the altercation, the Detroit Police Department suspended Brown from duty.

Subsequently, Brown was terminated from the police force based on concerns related to his handling of the situation.

Detroit Police Chief James White expressed apprehensions about Brown’s failure to adequately de-escalate the confrontation.

Legal Proceedings and Officer’s Defense:

Juwan Marquise Alexander Brown pleaded not guilty during his arraignment, where he was issued a $100,000 personal bond.

Brown’s attorney, Matthew Forrest, highlighted the officer’s clean record over seven years of service and asserted his client’s intention to appeal the suspension.

Forrest argued for a personal bond, citing Brown’s ties to the community and his young son.

Family’s Legal Pursuit:

Representatives from Fieger Law, managing partner James Harrington, confirmed that Daryl Vance’s family intends to file a lawsuit against those deemed responsible for the tragedy.

Vance had remained on life support following the incident, and the legal action seeks justice for the victim, holding the Detroit Police Department accountable for the escalation that led to Vance’s life-threatening injuries.

The incident underscores the delicate balance between law enforcement’s responsibility to manage disturbances and the imperative to avoid excessive use of force.

The legal proceedings will shed light on the circumstances surrounding the altercation and determine accountability in this unfortunate loss of life.

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