Desperate Search for Answers in Vivian King Murder Case

Desperate Search for Answers in Vivian King Murder Case


The Vivian King murder case revolves around the disturbing story of a 43-year-old woman who was found guilty of the tragic killing of her own daughter, Shirley Turner.

Shirley, a promising 17-year-old high school runner with aspirations of Olympic success, had her dreams cruelly shattered when she was fatally shot at the age of 17.

The subsequent trial uncovered a deeply troubling tale of lies, violence, and a heart-wrenching conclusion.

A Promising Athlete’s Demise

The events leading up to this tragedy began on the night of January 17, 1993, a night that was supposed to be a turning point for Shirley Turner, a talented athlete destined for greatness.

As a student at William Penn High School in Philadelphia, Turner overcame significant obstacles to become a track star.


Her dreams of Olympic glory were tragically cut short when she failed to appear at a crucial track meet, setting off a series of events that would grip the community with fear and confusion.

Desperate Search for Answers

Concerns arose when Turner failed to show up for the event, leading her coaches and teammates to worry about her whereabouts.

Her mother, Vivian King, initially claimed that Turner had stayed over at a friend’s house after a party.

However, as investigators delved deeper, the truth emerged – Turner had actually gone to meet her new boyfriend.

This lie unveiled a complex web of connections and hidden motivations lurking beneath the surface.


Unraveling the Threads of Suspicion

The police quickly interviewed Shaun Williams, Turner’s new boyfriend, who recounted that he had seen her board a bus to return home, a statement corroborated by the bus driver.

This cleared Williams of suspicion, leaving investigators to search for other potential leads.

Yet, beneath the surface, the complete truth remained elusive, concealed within the intricate relationships that defined Turner’s life.

Family Secrets and Alarming Behavior

As the investigation continued, attention shifted to Turner’s family members.

Tim Hickey, her track coach, came under scrutiny due to his close relationship with the victim.


While Hickey’s alibi held up, his insights into Turner’s troubled family life provided a new perspective.

Turner’s stepfather, Clarence Jones, also drew attention when he was seen wearing the jacket she had borrowed on the night of her disappearance.

A Chilling Discovery

The case took a darker turn on February 20, 1993, when a man walking his dog stumbled upon a blood-stained tarp in Fairmount Park.

Beneath it lay the lifeless body of a young girl, Shilie Turner, bearing gunshot wounds and evidence of blunt force trauma.

This grim discovery sent shockwaves through the community, as the place that had once been Turner’s sanctuary during her runs had become the site of her tragic end.


Suspicion and Confession

As the community grappled with the loss of Turner, Vivian King’s behavior at the funeral raised eyebrows.

Instead of displaying the expected grief, she exhibited an unusual buoyancy, sparking speculation about her involvement in her daughter’s murder.

Further unsettling revelations emerged when King confessed to the murder during a radio show.

Her strange description of the crime scene, known only to those who had seen it, raised suspicions and deepened the mystery.

The Trial’s Revelation

Vivian King’s trial unveiled a heartbreaking narrative of a mother who had betrayed her own child.


While she admitted to the crime, her lawyers claimed that the confession had been coerced by the police, leaving doubt about the authenticity of her words.

The courtroom proceedings were tense, with the jury deliberating over the conflicting accounts.

Ultimately, King was found guilty of a lesser degree of murder and sentenced to 10 to 20 years in prison, a poignant reminder of the gravity of her actions.

A Haunting Legacy

In the aftermath of Turner’s murder at the hands of her mother, the community was left in shock and mourning, grappling with an unfathomable act.

Beyond the surface of ordinary life, the case revealed a complex tapestry of relationships, deception, and desperation, exposing a haunting truth that lingers in the shadows.


The Vivian King murder case stands as a stark reminder, urging society to remain vigilant and recognize signs of distress even among those we hold closest.

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