Kate Garraway Mourns Husband Derek Draper’s Death After a Long Battle With Covid

Derek Draper’s Heartbreaking Battle with Covid

Kate Garraway revealed the tragic death of her husband, Derek Draper, aged 56, via Instagram. Derek, who suffered a heart attack in early December, had an arduous health struggle since contracting Covid in March 2020.

He spent 13 months hospitalized, enduring a medically induced coma and multiple health complications.

Derek’s Last Heartfelt Request and Ongoing Struggle

Before being hospitalized in March 2020, Derek’s poignant request to his children—Darcey, 17, and Billy, 14—was to care for Kate.

His battle with Covid left lasting damage to his organs, requiring numerous hospital readmissions and resulting in kidney failure, brain inflammation, and other complications.

Kate’s Family’s Emotional Journey

Throughout Derek’s illness, Kate kept their children engaged with Derek via video calls due to lockdown restrictions.

She praised their resilience and humor in dealing with their father’s illness, describing their efforts to keep Derek connected even when he couldn’t communicate verbally.

Tributes and Final Moments

Kate emotionally announced Derek’s passing, acknowledging the medical teams’ efforts and expressing gratitude for the support they received.

She reminisced about her time by Derek’s side during his last moments and acknowledged the family’s profound loss.

Timeline of Derek’s Covid Battle

The article provided a timeline detailing the progression and challenges of Derek’s battle with Covid, including hospitalizations, his emergence from a coma, gradual recovery, setbacks, and the toll it took on Kate, their family, and their daily lives.

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