Derby County Goalkeeper Josh Vickers Faces Heartbreaking Loss as Wife Loses Battle with Cancer

Teammates Rally Around Josh Vickers During Heartbreaking Loss

Derby County’s Josh Vickers, a prominent figure in the football world, has recently endured a devastating loss. Just three months after their wedding, Josh shared the tragic news of his wife Laura’s passing due to cancer.

Despite her prolonged battle with the illness, Laura displayed remarkable strength and resilience throughout, even documented on Josh’s Instagram where he chronicled their journey, from countless rounds of chemotherapy to cherished moments together.

A Heartfelt Tribute

In an emotional and deeply moving post, Josh struggled to find the right words to express his grief. He wrote, “I have written and unwritten this so many times and still can’t find the right words to say and don’t know if I ever will.”

He went on to share, “On Tuesday evening my wife lost her long battle against cancer… Laura is the strongest, bravest and most loving person I have ever met.

Even though everything she was going through, she continued to smile, never letting anything get in the way of having a good time and making a lifetime of memories.”

Josh and Laura’s journey was filled with both tears and laughter, and he expressed his gratitude for every moment they shared, from their first meeting to her peaceful passing.

He firmly believed that Laura would be watching over him, serving as a constant source of inspiration.

In a heartfelt message, he thanked everyone who supported him and their families during this incredibly difficult time, acknowledging the blessing of having an amazing network of family and friends.

Teammates Extend Support

The news of Laura’s passing deeply touched not only Josh but also his fellow Rams teammates, who rallied around him during this challenging period.

Martyn Waghorn, one of Josh’s colleagues, shared a squad photo on social media with a poignant caption, “we’re all with you mate.” The goalkeeper was noticeably absent from a recent match, citing “personal reasons.”

In a touching display of solidarity, the entire squad donned jerseys bearing the name “Josh 31” during their warm-up for the match.

Their united support was further emphasized when they collectively raised Josh’s jersey after James Collins scored a goal just 18 minutes into the game against Carlisle.

During this difficult time, the football community and Josh Vickers’ teammates stand together, offering their unwavering support and love as he navigates through his grief.