Enugu in Turmoil as ECTDA, Led by Uche Anya, Orders Midnight Demolition of Breathe Lounge

Enugu in Turmoil as ECTDA, Led by Uche Anya, Orders Midnight Demolition of Breathe Lounge

Enugu’s Midnight Controversy: Breath Lounge Faces Demolition Amidst ECTDA Dispute

In a startling turn of events, Breath Lounge in Enugu reportedly faced demolition orchestrated by the Enugu Capital Territory Development Authority (ECTDA), led by Uche Anya.

The incident, which occurred at the striking hour of 12 am midnight, has triggered widespread reactions and concerns.

Breathe Lounge’s Plea for Resolution: Appeals to Governor and Cultural Authorities

Amidst the chaos, Breathe Lounge’s management is actively seeking resolution avenues.

Not only have they appealed directly to the Governor, but they have also sought assistance from various channels, including the Commissioner for Culture and Tourism and other influential figures within the state.

The management emphasizes their positive impact on the local economy and highlights their adherence to tax obligations as crucial reasons for deserving a fair resolution.

Navigating Regulatory Challenges: Broader Implications for Local Businesses

The situation faced by Breathe Lounge underscores the challenges businesses encounter while navigating regulatory environments.

It sheds light on the pivotal role of government intervention in ensuring the stability and growth of the local economy.

The broader implications of such disputes are significant for businesses striving to operate within regulatory frameworks.

Uphill Battle Since August 2023: ECTDA’s Ongoing Disputes with Breathe Lounge

The controversies surrounding Breathe Lounge have been ongoing since Engr. Uche Anya assumed office in August 2023.

The lounge, a significant investor with over five hundred million naira investment and employing more than 60 staff, has faced closures and contravention fees totaling ₦250,000.

Management asserts having obtained all necessary approvals and made required payments, selecting Enugu for its conducive business environment.

Appeal for Governor’s Intervention: Impact on Business Operations

Facing disruptions caused by ECTDA’s actions, including the use of alarms to disperse customers, Breathe Lounge has made a direct appeal to Governor Mbah for intervention.

The alleged 17-day closure and contravention fee payment of ₦250,000 have significantly impacted the business, leading to a plea for swift intervention to restore normalcy.

Claim of Unsettling Altercations: ECDTA’s Continuous Press Statements Against Breathe Lounge

Breathe Lounge management claims that, despite efforts to resolve issues, Engr. Uche Anya continues to issue press statements against their establishment.

Allegations of threats, sealing, and subsequent resealing of the establishment have raised concerns about the handling of the situation by ECTDA.

The controversy unfolds as Enugu grapples with the aftermath of the midnight demolition and the broader implications for businesses operating within the region.

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