Chef Delia Smith’s Defiant Entrance Amid Lager Can Attack at East Anglian Derby

Chef Delia Smith’s Defiant Entrance Amid Lager Can Attack at East Anglian Derby

Chef Delia Smith Bravely Attends Norwich-Ipswich Derby Despite Aggressive Incidents

Celebrity chef and devoted Norwich City supporter, Delia Smith, demonstrated resilience as her car faced a hostile reception from unruly Ipswich Town fans at Portman Road ahead of the highly-anticipated ‘Tractor Derby.’

Incident at Portman Road and Delia’s Defiance

As Smith arrived in her grey BMW for the fixture against Ipswich, a yob launched a can of Carlsberg beer at her vehicle, while other Ipswich fans surrounded her car holding blue flares.

Despite the intimidating reception, Smith remained resolute, confidently supporting her team as they clashed in their first encounter since 2019.

Context of the Derby and Team Perspectives

The match, dubbed the ‘Tractor Derby,’ saw both Ipswich Town and Norwich City with ambitious aims—The Tractor Boys aiming for consecutive promotions while Norwich vied for a Premier League return, a division they’ve frequented in recent years.

Delia’s History of Passion and Recent Ordeal

Delia Smith, a familiar face at Norwich games, notably grabbed headlines in 2005 for her impassioned plea to fans during a match against Manchester City. Her fervor for Norwich was evident even after the upsetting incident with Ipswich Town fans.

Manager’s Response and Call for Action

Norwich City manager David Wagner condemned the attack, demanding life bans for the perpetrators, expressing disbelief at the behavior towards an 82-year-old woman merely attending a football match.

Smith’s Role and Ownership in Norwich City

Delia Smith and her husband, significant shareholders in Norwich City, are frequent attendees at matches, displaying their unwavering support for the club.

However, discussions earlier in the year revealed the potential increase of a stake by American entrepreneur Mark Attanasio, indicating a shifting ownership dynamic.

Derby Outcome and Team Performances

Despite the chaos preceding the match, the derby ended in a balanced 2-2 draw. Ipswich displayed dominance but failed to convert chances into a victory, leaving both teams in their respective positions in the Championship table.


Smith’s unwavering commitment to Norwich City remained evident, despite the distressing incidents before the game. The match itself concluded in a draw, a result that maintained Ipswich’s strong position and extended Norwich’s unbeaten streak.