Davido Highlights the Value of American Passport in Boosting Music Career

Davido Highlights the Value of American Passport in Boosting Music Career

…By Jack Sylva for TDPel Media. Afrobeats superstar, David Adeleke, popularly known as Davido, has emphasized that his American passport has provided him with a significant advantage in his music career.


In a recent interview with Omega, the singer revealed that he considers his passport to be worth more than a million dollars.

Visa Approval and Band Members

Davido explained that his American passport gives him an edge when it comes to visa approvals, particularly for his band members.

He shared that while some of his band members face difficulties with visa approvals, he has an advantage due to his American passport.

Pride in Nigerian Nationality

Despite the advantages his American passport offers, Davido expressed pride in his Nigerian nationality.

He revealed that initially, many people were unaware of his background, assuming he was solely a Nigerian artist.

It was later in his career that they discovered he had attended Alabama college and had connections to the United States.


Easy Access and Travel Benefits

Davido highlighted the convenience his American passport provides, allowing him to fly to the United States whenever he desires.

He emphasized that the significance of the blue passport exceeds monetary value, stating that it is worth more than a million dollars.

Challenges with International Tours

Davido recounted the difficulties faced when organizing tours, particularly citing an example of a tour in Australia.

The structure and logistics were challenging due to some band members encountering obstacles in obtaining the necessary travel documents, primarily due to limitations with their passports.

Easier Journey with the Blue Passport

Davido acknowledged that his American passport has made his journey somewhat easier compared to his band members.

The privileges and benefits associated with the blue passport have facilitated his international travel and experiences within the music industry.


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