Davido Reportedly Welcomes Twins According to Evangelist Gospel Agochukwu

Davido Allegedly Welcomes Twins

In recent news, Nigerian music sensation Davido is rumored to have become a father of twins, as announced by Evangelist Gospel Agochukwu. The revelation was made by the man of God on a Tuesday morning.

The Announcement on Social Media

The news broke through the official Facebook page of the church to which Evangelist Agochukwu is affiliated.

On this platform, the cleric shared a recording of his conversation with Davido, shedding light on the supposed twins’ arrival.

Claim of Prophecy Fulfilled

According to the chat posted by the cleric, Davido conveyed that the prophecy made by Evangelist Agochukwu in the previous year had indeed come to fruition.

It is worth noting that the prophecy made by Agochukwu in November of the preceding year had foretold that God promised Davido and Chioma twins after the passing of their son, Ifeanyi.

Social Media Buzz and Congratulations

While neither Davido nor Chioma has officially confirmed the news of the twins’ birth, congratulations have been pouring in on various social media platforms.

The alleged arrival of twins for the celebrity couple has stirred considerable excitement and anticipation among fans and well-wishers.