David Isaacs Discusses His Directorial Role in ‘Mince Jou Hare

David Isaacs Discusses His Directorial Role in ‘Mince Jou Hare

David Isaacs, an acclaimed director, has recently shared his experience and insights on directing the play “Mince Jou Hare.”

This South African production has garnered significant attention for its innovative approach and poignant themes.

In this discussion, Isaacs delves into the creative process, the challenges faced, and the impact of the play on audiences.

The Genesis of ‘Mince Jou Hare’

Isaacs begins by explaining the origins of “Mince Jou Hare.” The play was conceived as a means to explore and comment on contemporary social issues within South Africa.

“Mince Jou Hare” translates to “Mind Your Hair,” a phrase that cleverly encapsulates the play’s examination of identity, race, and cultural heritage. Isaacs was drawn to the project due to its potential for both humor and profound social commentary, seeing it as a unique opportunity to blend entertainment with a powerful message.

Creative Process and Vision

Directing “Mince Jou Hare” required a clear vision and a collaborative approach. Isaacs emphasizes the importance of understanding the playwright’s intent and the cultural context from which the play emerges.

He spent considerable time researching and engaging with the themes of the play to ensure an authentic representation.

The collaborative process involved extensive workshops with the cast and crew, where ideas were freely exchanged, and creative boundaries were pushed.

Isaacs highlights the importance of fostering an environment where actors feel safe to experiment and bring their own interpretations to the roles.

Casting and Character Development

One of the pivotal aspects of directing “Mince Jou Hare” was the casting process. Isaacs sought actors who not only possessed strong technical skills but also had a deep understanding of the cultural nuances the play required.

He shares anecdotes about the audition process, where actors were encouraged to bring their personal experiences into their performances.

This approach helped in creating multi-dimensional characters that resonated with audiences.

Isaacs worked closely with each actor, guiding them through character development and ensuring that their portrayals were both authentic and engaging.

Overcoming Challenges

Every production faces its own set of challenges, and “Mince Jou Hare” was no exception. Isaacs recounts some of the obstacles encountered during rehearsals and performances.

One significant challenge was addressing the sensitive topics of race and identity in a manner that was respectful yet provocative. Isaacs describes how the team navigated these issues through open dialogue and a commitment to truthfulness in their storytelling.

Technical challenges, such as set design and lighting, were also part of the process. Isaacs praises his technical crew for their innovative solutions that brought the play’s vision to life.

Audience Reception and Impact

Isaacs reflects on the audience’s reception of “Mince Jou Hare.” The play received critical acclaim for its bold narrative and powerful performances.

Audience members were deeply moved by the play’s exploration of identity and heritage, often engaging in post-show discussions that extended the impact of the performance.

Isaacs shares touching stories of individuals who found personal resonance with the play’s themes, emphasizing the importance of theatre as a medium for social reflection and change.

Future Directions

Looking ahead, Isaacs is excited about the future of “Mince Jou Hare” and similar projects. He believes that theatre has a crucial role in fostering cultural understanding and addressing social issues.

Isaacs expresses a desire to continue working on productions that challenge audiences and provoke thought. He also highlights the potential for “Mince Jou Hare” to tour internationally, bringing its message to a broader audience and sparking global conversations about identity and heritage.


David Isaacs’ directorial journey with “Mince Jou Hare” offers a compelling look into the intricacies of bringing a culturally significant play to life.

Through his dedication to authenticity, collaboration, and social commentary, Isaacs has crafted a production that not only entertains but also enlightens.

His reflections underscore the transformative power of theatre and its ability to connect people across diverse backgrounds.

As “Mince Jou Hare” continues to captivate audiences, Isaacs remains a driving force in the realm of socially conscious theatre.

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