David Bowie’s Daughter, Lexi Jones, Opens Up About Struggles After His Death

David Bowie’s Daughter, Lexi Jones, Opens Up About Struggles After His Death

The daughter of the late David Bowie, Alexandria, known as Lexi Jones, has shared her emotional journey since the iconic musician’s death eight years ago.

Lexi, 23, reveals her personal struggles and inner turmoil in an online article, providing a glimpse into the challenges she faced after losing her father.

Expressing Personal Turmoil:

Lexi Jones reflects on the profound impact of David Bowie’s death, describing her attempts to cope with the void by engaging in destructive behavior.

She acknowledges a period of confusion, substance abuse, and involvement in situations that strained her family’s foundation.

Lexi opens up about the internal conflict, stating that she resorted to labeling herself as a psychopath to justify her actions amid a lack of introspection.

Contradictions and Transformation:

This highlights the contradiction between the violent and angry individual Lexi became and the sweet, gentle girl she once was.

Growing up in New York with her father and supermodel Iman, Lexi, now an artist, emphasizes the transformative power of art as a coping mechanism during challenging times.

Connection to Mental Health Struggles:

Lexi acknowledges struggling with mental health issues, emphasizing art as an outlet to navigate dark periods.

Her journey sheds light on the complexities of dealing with grief and the impact it can have on one’s mental well-being.

Broader Family Dynamics:

Lexi Jones is part of an intricate family dynamic, with a half-brother, Duncan Jones, from Bowie’s first marriage.

The broader family context adds layers to her experience, reflecting the interconnected relationships within the Bowie family.


David Bowie’s influence transcends his musical legacy, reaching into the personal lives of his family.

Lexi’s story invites reflection on the challenges faced by individuals navigating grief and the importance of mental health support.