Dave and Shirley’s Hilarious Return to Gogglebox Leaves Viewers in Stitches

Dave and Shirley’s Hilarious Return to Gogglebox Leaves Viewers in Stitches

...By Larry John for TDPel Media.

Gogglebox viewers were in hysterics as the beloved couple Dave and Shirley made their return to the show on Friday, May 19.


Joining the program in 2015, the armchair critics from Caerphilly have become fan favorites over the years.

Eurovision, Family Fortunes, and Racy Series Keep Gogglebox Families Entertained

During the latest episode, Dave and Shirley, along with other cast members, settled into their usual spots to watch a variety of programs.

The Gogglebox families tuned in to Eurovision, Family Fortunes, Amazon Prime’s Citadel, and Channel 4’s new sex show, Open House: The Great Sex Experiment.

Dave and Shirley’s Hilarious Take on Monogamy

While watching Open House: The Great Sex Experiment, Shirley asked Dave about the meaning of monogamy.

Dave responded by explaining that it refers to sticking to one partner.

Curious about other relationship dynamics, Shirley inquired about the term for having more than one partner, to which Dave playfully suggested, “Lucky?” This amusing exchange left viewers in stitches.


Social Media Reactions and Love for Dave and Shirley

Social media users expressed their adoration for Dave and Shirley, praising their comedic chemistry and finding their comments hilarious.

Fans commended the couple, describing them as funny and a credit to Caerphilly.

Mary and Giles Share Their Thoughts on Monogamy

Another Gogglebox duo, Mary and Giles, discussed the concept of monogamy as they settled down to watch the show.

Giles acknowledged that they have never questioned monogamy in their relationship, to which Mary agreed.

However, Mary seemed to show more openness toward alternative relationship dynamics, as she understood why someone might feel more secure with a foursome rather than a threesome.


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