Daniel Martin Reveals He Went Through Surgery To Have His Eye Bags Removed

Meghan’s makeup artist Daniel Martin is having his eye bags removed.

The cosmetic surgeon disclosed that in order to lessen the puffiness and remove the fat from under his eyes, he underwent blepharoplasty surgery.

According to Martin, males who undergo plastic surgery are stigmatised.

Daniel Martin, Meghan Markle’s go-to makeup artist, appears to think that if the bags under your eyes aren’t Chanel, you should probably get rid of them.

The Duchess of Sussex’s close friend and makeup artist disclosed on Instagram today that he had plastic surgery to remove fat from his ‘puffy’ eyelids in an effort to delay the onset of ageing.

In the video, Martin talked openly about attempting to fight the stigma associated with males who undergo plastic surgery and revealed that he had given himself the procedure as a gift for his impending 50th birthday.

It’s my birthday today!I’m getting plastic surgery,” he said as the caption of the photo, which showed him getting ready for the surgery and outlining his motivations.

Martin confirmed the surgery in a follow-up post to his Instagram Stories, telling fans that he was recovering ‘amazing well’ and that he was eager to soon share his experience and the results.

Martin added that he felt compelled to be open with his followers since there is a stigma associated with guys receiving plastic surgery, regardless of whether they are “gays, straights, or whatever.”

Martin went into greater detail regarding the process itself.Martin remarked in the video, pointing to the skin under his eyes, “I’m gonna be completely transparent with you guys; right now I am turning 50 years old [and] I’m kind of freaking out.”

I’m going to get lower blepharoplasty (blepharoplasty) surgery on my eyes as a gift to myself.

Martin claims that over the years, his puffy eyes have impeded his vision.

He acknowledges that for the last ’10 years,’ he has been hiding behind spectacles, and that his eyesight has also ‘totally changed.’

As he continued to wear glasses, he noted how puffy his eyes seemed and said that both ageing and the fat deposit under his eyes were to blame.

Dr. Edward Kwak, a cosmetic surgeon with a practise on Manhattan’s Upper East Side, carried out Martin’s surgery.

He enthused, “I met this amazing doctor, Dr. Kwak, on the Upper East Side.

I’m going to talk to you about my experience with him,’ he said. ”

So, I really love Dr. Kwak and his energy, and his thoroughness when explaining the procedure from start to finish.

“I felt incredibly safe with him, so now that I know I’m in good hands, I feel really comfortable and confident finishing this.

The makeup artist continued by elaborating on his motivation for sharing the procedure’s specifics.

He said, “I feel like there is a stigma around plastic surgery [around this] with guys.”

Because men — homosexual or straight — don’t discuss this with other men.

Simply said, we don’t talk about this.

Go away, bags! Dissecting blepharoplasty procedure Excess skin on the eyelids was removed during blepharoplasty, often known as eyelid surgery.

The surgeon will either make a cut inside the lower lid or just below the lashes, where the eye naturally has a crease, according to Mayo Clinic.

The surplus fat, muscle, and sagging skin will then be eliminated or distributed differently before the wound is closed.

Treatment options include: Droopy or baggy upper eyelidsupper eyelid skin that is too thick and partially obstructs peripheral visionlower eyelid skin that is too thickeyes under the bags

He is steadfast in his choice.

He insisted, “I wanna get rid of it, I wanna see it go.”

“I detest the way my eyes and I look puffy.”

So let’s leave our swollen eyes behind and replace them with fresh eyes and a new appearance.

The treatment known as blepharoplasty, or eyelid surgery, can be done on either the upper or lower lid and removes unsightly fat deposits and skin folds, according to Dr. Kwak’s website.

According to the website, the procedure leaves the area around the eyes looking smoother, tighter, and more appealing, conveying youth and a calm, well-rested expression.

Martin gained notoriety for applying the Duchess of Sussex’s makeup for her wedding in May 2018 and has subsequently collaborated with her on a number of projects.

Martin frequently publishes Instagram pictures of the celebrities he collaborates with, such as Ali Wong, Michelle Flower, and actress Michelle Yeoh.

He posted a picture of Meghan and Harry on the red carpet at an event in New York in December 2022.

Martin showered the couple with admiration as they received a “anti-racism” award.

He started his post with, “Couldn’t be more proud of you friends!”Back together in recognition of their dedication to combating global racial and social injustices and promoting mental health awareness.

Congratulations on receiving the @rfkhumanrights #RippleofHope award, Harry and Meghan.

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