Ryan Thomas Triumphs as Dancing On Ice 2024 Winner in Thrilling Live Final

Ryan Thomas Triumphs as Dancing On Ice 2024 Winner in Thrilling Live Final

In a dazzling display of skill and emotion, Ryan Thomas, the 39-year-old former Coronation Street actor, secured the title of Dancing On Ice’s 2024 winner.

Alongside his talented partner Amani Fancy, the duo outshone competitors, including Made In Chelsea’s Miles Nazaire and DJ Adele Roberts, in a fiercely contested live final that had fans on the edge of their seats.

Tearful Triumph and Gracious Acknowledgments

Emotional and choked with tears, Ryan Thomas raised the coveted trophy, expressing speechlessness at the triumphant moment.

Paying heartfelt tribute to his partner Amani, he exclaimed, ‘I’m just so happy for Amani!’

The emotional celebration continued as Amani, in tears, expressed her pride in Ryan, making the victory even more poignant.

Unforgettable Bolero Performance

The grand finale featured the iconic Bolero performance, reminiscent of the 1984 Winter Olympics.

Ryan and Amani’s flawless rendition left judges and viewers alike in awe, earning them a perfect score.

Despite challenges faced by competitors, Ryan Thomas’s impeccable skating and seamless performance secured his well-deserved victory.

“Controversy and Surprises: Viewers React to Dancing On Ice 2024 Finale Results”

Disappointment and Shock
While Ryan Thomas celebrated his triumph, the finale wasn’t without its share of controversy.

Viewers took to social media expressing shock and disappointment, particularly concerning the fate of DJ Adele Roberts.

Despite a perfect score, Adele faced elimination, leading to heated debates and accusations of a fix on platforms like Twitter.

Miles Nazaire’s Slip and Resilience

Made In Chelsea’s Miles Nazaire, despite a dramatic fall during his routine, secured a respectable place in the competition.

Judges commended his brilliant skating, and even in the face of adversity, Miles showcased resilience. Fans, however, questioned the outcome, emphasizing Adele’s solid performance and expressing disbelief at the results.

Greg Rutherford’s Heartbreaking Exit

Olympian Greg Rutherford’s journey on Dancing On Ice came to an abrupt end as he was forced to withdraw due to a significant injury just hours before the final.

Viewers witnessed emotional moments as Greg addressed the remaining finalists from his hospital bed, expressing gratitude and encouraging them to shine on the ice.

“Holly Willoughby’s Glamorous Finale Amidst Wardrobe Concerns”

Sparkling Sequins and Wardrobe Worries
As the Dancing On Ice finale unfolded, host Holly Willoughby dazzled in a silver sequin gown, showcasing her impeccable style.

However, eagle-eyed viewers raised concerns about the placement of her right strap, prompting a flurry of comments on social media. Despite wardrobe worries, Holly’s glamorous appearance added to the overall spectacle of the grand finale.

Former Contestants Return for a Final Dance

The grand finale also saw the return of former contestants for a final dance, creating a nostalgic and celebratory atmosphere.

However, S Club’s Hannah Spearritt notably did not perform, reportedly deciding not to return for the finale after her earlier elimination from the show.

Greg Rutherford’s Tribute and Highlight Reel

Amidst the competition and celebrations, Dancing On Ice paid tribute to the injured Olympian Greg Rutherford, showcasing highlights from his journey on the show.

Greg expressed gratitude for the support received and labeled the experience as one of the highlights of his life, leaving fans with a mix of emotions as they bid farewell to another season of dazzling performances.

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