Cynthia Morgan Speaks Out About Her Difficult Past with Northside Music and Jude Okoye

Nigerian rapper Cynthia Morgan has chosen to candidly discuss her challenging past experiences with her former record company, Northside Music, owned by Jude Okoye.

The artist, who was previously signed to this label, took to Instagram to express her disappointment, with her remarks coinciding with the passing of the 27-year-old vocalist Mohbad.

Cynthia Morgan’s Claims of Unpleasant Encounters

Cynthia Morgan unveiled the negative encounters she alleges to have had while being associated with the record label in her public admission.

She stated that Jude Okoye, the label’s owner, continues to avoid making eye contact with her.

She accused the label of perpetuating a series of falsehoods about her over the years.

A Harsh Reality and Accusations

Cynthia emphasized that facing such situations requires a tough stance, asserting that individuals typically do not fabricate lies about someone unless they harbor fear or apprehension.

She elaborated on the lies spread by the label, including unfulfilled promises of providing her with a car, a house, and financial allowances.

These claims even extended to the assertion that she failed to generate any revenue for the label.

Emotional Toll and Loss of Trust

Cynthia recounted the distressing narratives and suspicions she had heard about herself to convey the emotional toll this journey had exacted on her.

She disclosed that these experiences had led her to lose faith in humanity, which was further exacerbated by interactions with individuals who deepened her sense of disappointment.


Cynthia Morgan’s decision to publicly share her struggles with her former record label sheds light on the often challenging and opaque dynamics within the music industry.

Her accusations of unfulfilled promises and alleged lies underline the importance of transparency and fairness in artist-label relationships.

This revelation also highlights the personal toll such experiences can have on artists, affecting their emotional well-being and trust in the industry.

Cynthia Morgan’s courage in speaking out about her past hardships contributes to a broader conversation about the need for accountability and ethical practices within the entertainment business.

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