Cyberbully of Selene Tatsuki on Reddit

Cyberbully of Selene Tatsuki on Reddit

The vibrant world of VTubing, marked by creativity and entertainment, took a dark turn when Selene Tatsuki, a beloved digital YouTuber affiliated with Nijisanji EN, became the victim of online harassment orchestrated by malicious individuals on Reddit.

The Rise of Selene Tatsuki: A Sky Dragon’s Journey

Selene Tatsuki, a sky dragon who descended from the moon, made a dazzling debut on February 12, 2021, as part of the second-generation band OBSYDIA alongside Rosemi Lovelock and Petra Gurin.

Known for his love of singing, playing video games, and engaging with followers, Selene quickly became a prominent figure in the VTuber community.

Emergence of Harassment: Unpleasant Backlash Against Selene Tatsuki

However, not everyone embraced Selene’s fun and energetic persona. Recently, the VTuber found himself under siege from online bullies who, through rumors, insults, and false allegations, targeted him across various platforms.

Disturbingly, some perpetrators escalated their attacks to include death threats and doxxing, compromising Selene’s safety and privacy.

November 2021: The Prelude to Harassment

The turmoil gained momentum around November 2021 when Selene announced the release of his first original song, “Fly High,” scheduled for December 1, 2021, in celebration of his birthday.

Unsubstantiated claims of song title plagiarism surfaced, accompanied by criticisms of his singing abilities, appearance, and design choices.

January 2022: A Collaborative Stream Turns Dark

The situation took a darker turn in January 2022 during a collaborative stream where Selene inadvertently revealed personal information.

Exploiting this, bullies uncovered his true identity and location, initiating a wave of harassment through phone calls, emails, and social media messages.

Reddit as the Battlefield: Selene Tatsuki Drama and Controversy

Among the various platforms, Reddit emerged as a hotspot for bullying. While some subreddits offered support, others fostered hate and negativity, attacking Selene’s character and work with vulgar language.

Despite Reddit moderators banning certain subreddits, abusers persistently created new spaces to perpetuate their malicious campaigns.

Selene’s Resilience: A Call for Positivity

Amidst the chaos, Selene took to his streams and social media to address the ongoing bullying. Expressing gratitude for the support of his dedicated fans, known as “the Munnies,” he urged them to ignore the bullies, emphasizing the futility of engaging with negativity.

Selene shared his commitment to focusing on the positive aspects of his VTuber career and received encouragement from fellow VTubers across various platforms.

Conclusion: A Plea for Respect and Kindness Online

In the face of adversity, VTubers, both from Nijisanji EN and other agencies, rallied around Selene Tatsuki, condemning bullying and advocating for a respectful online community.

The saga sheds light on the darker side of virtual spaces, emphasizing the need for empathy, kindness, and support within the VTuber community and beyond.