Current players to testify on behalf of Boucher!

Earlier this year, CSA confirmed that various charges had been levelled against Boucher, and his disciplinary proceedings have now been set down for 16 to 20 May
This comes after former national spinner Paul Adams implicated Boucher in a racial incident when the two were teammates, alleging that the former wicket-keeper was part of a group who called him a “brown sh*t”.
The upcoming inquiry will also consider concerns and allegations that arose following the resignation of former assistant coach, Enoch Nkwe.
Boucher and his team of heavyweight legal representatives met with the chairperson of his disciplinary hearing, Advocate Terry Motau, on Wednesday, 26 January to agree to a timetable for the legal proceedings.
Motau’s ruling to postpone the hearing has now been revealed below:

  1. The matter was set down on 26 January 2022 and a few days before the matter sat, the
    parties agreed that it would not proceed but will use the day to agree on a timetable.
  2. Though agreed that the matter should be postponed, the parties were not ad idem on the
    dates to which the matter should be postponed. CSA wanted the matter to be postponed
    to the week of 7 to 11 March 2022 and Mark Boucher wanted any period of five days
    between 10 and 19 May 2022.
  3. CSA argued for expediency and a speedy commencement and finalisation of the
    proceedings, given that some of the allegations occurred some time ago.
  4. On behalf of Mr Boucher, it was indicated that he intends to call some of the players to
    testify on his behalf and that these players will be part of the Tour of New Zealand from
    17 February to 1 March 2022 and the Bangladesh Tour of South Africa from 18 March
    to 11 April 2022 and that having a hearing in-between the two tours would be
  1. Having considered both arguments, I agree with arguments advanced on behalf of
    Mr Boucher and I have decided to postpone the matter for the hearing to be held in the
    week commencing 16 to 20 May 2022.
  2. Additionally, the parties are directed to hold a pre-hearing meeting for purposes of inter
    alia narrowing disputes, agreeing on the exchange of bundles of documents and to
    indicate estimated duration of the hearing. They are to file a pre-hearing minute a week
    prior to the commencement of the hearing.

These dates have welcomed by Boucher’s lawyer Mohammed Chavoos.

“We welcome this ruling, and it gives Mark the opportunity to focus on his duties as the head coach,” Chavoos told Sport24.
“It also enables his legal team to properly prepare for the May hearings. Mark also looks forward to establishing that the allegations made against him are misconstrued and unjustified.”

Some of the accusations CSA levelled at Boucher included:

  • Historically repeatedly used racist and/or offensive and/or inappropriate nicknames regarding a Proteas team-mate.
  • Having had your racist and/or offensive and/or inappropriate utterances drawn to your attention, you failed to adequately and/or sufficiently and/or appropriately apologise for these utterances and/or acknowledge the racist nature of these utterances and/or hurt that they caused.
  • You have conducted yourself in a racist or subliminally racist manner; and/or
  • You have conducted yourself in a manner which is unbecoming of an employee in your position
  • Your conduct has brought CSA into disrepute.
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