Cubana ChiefPriest Hints at Difficult Times, Responds to Claim of Biological Son

Cubana ChiefPriest Hints at Difficult Times, Responds to Claim of Biological Son

...By Larry John for TDPel Media.

Nigerian socialite Cubana ChiefPriest has suggested that he is going through difficult times.


This comes a few days after reports of an alleged rift between him and Nigerian singer Davido, with both celebrities unfollowing each other on Instagram.

Cubana ChiefPriest shared a video on his Instagram page of himself smoking and bragging about his N2.5 million outfit.

In the comment section, a fan expressed concern about his recent smoking habits and asked if he was going through a lot.

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Cubana ChiefPriest responded to the fan, stating that he would be lying if he claimed everything was fine with him.

This suggests that he is indeed experiencing some form of personal challenge.

It is unclear whether this challenge is related to the reported rift with Davido or other personal issues.


In a separate incident, a 19-year-old Nigerian man claimed to be Cubana ChiefPriest’s biological son in a video that has been circulating online.

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The young man stated that he shares a striking resemblance with the socialite and that people have confirmed his resemblance to Cubana ChiefPriest.

He also expressed a willingness to undergo a DNA test since his mother has denied telling him the truth about his paternity.

Cubana ChiefPriest responded to the video on his Instagram page, laughing it off and questioning the boy on his parent’s reaction to the video.

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It is unclear whether the claim is true or not, as Cubana ChiefPriest has not given an official response regarding the matter.

However, the incident has raised questions about the socialite’s personal life and relationships, as well as his response to the allegations.


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