Cryptocurrency trends you should be aware of

Cryptocurrency trends you should be aware of

From reaching an all-time high of $3 trillion market value to a complete ban on its functioning, the crypto industry has witnessed a lot in recent years. The crypto and blockchain industry has undergone several changes when it comes to growth and its development. Major countries like China made a complete ban on cryptocurrency trading, whereas, on the other hand, bitcoin and ether, the second most popular cryptocurrency after bitcoin witnessed an all-time high value along with the emergence of non-fungible tokens (NFTs). Major financial firms and global industries came together and experienced the emerging power of these digital assets. Blockchain applications such as DeFi, Banking, and more here making the bitcoin era a revolutionary step.


With this comes major trends in the crypto and blockchain industry. The digital currency is gaining power and is being widely accepted. Here are some primary trends one should be aware of in the world of crypto.




Crypto taxes are growing as the world is adapting the asset more and more. Ranging from country to country, the crypto taxation regulation is indefinite and will still undergo major changes by the government over its trading and transaction. With the new budget 2022 of India, crypto now charges 30% tax over its trading and transactions too.


  1. CBDCs


Referred to as the central bank digital currencies, the emergence of CBDCs is to make central banks a part of the crypto industry. With this, the future of transactions and finance can be changed, leading to a favorable future of a global asset. For example, China is planning to build their own digital currency – yuan, whereas other countries like the USA, the UK are looking towards the same goal too. Prominent countries are now endeavoring to build their own tokenized token and make the crypto industry grow further.




Also known as DeFi, this is one of the most significant trends of the bitcoin era in the present time. The projects based on Defi are constructed with a powerful foundation in the financial industry. Likewise, potential investors and stakeholders believe in the power of DeFi and its ability to become the key drivers for the higher adoption of tokens and online storage of these digital assets. Moreover, Decentralized finance will continue to boom via the development of ethereum, which is built on the DeFi platform.




The circulation of stablecoins rose by 500% in the year 2020. The reason being, dollar-pegged saw more expansive adoption when compared to tether and USDC in the market. Moreover, stablecoins are one of the most happening crypto coins in 2022. Through the benefits, investors and potential users can utilize them for volatility protection via investing.




Digital assets in the growing stages can test their water to IPOs. The increased rate of adoption and increasing popularity among exchanges are the principal reason why cryptocurrency is becoming a well-established public asset in the global market, leading to more and more expansion.




Potential crypto users are looking to the rise of the ETF which somehow still requires time as it has already been rejected for a long time. On the other hand, the approval of ETFs will lead to more traders investing in crypto rather than possessing an exchange wallet.




NFTs can be referred to as digital assets that illustrate a product in the virtual as well as the real world. The token is used for trading items due to its ability to reduce the complicated onboarding mechanism of centralized platforms for NFT trading. NFTs can be seen majorly in the gaming and art industry as they work as a wider platform for their development.




The 5G network will be used considerably on mining operations, DeFi applications in order to produce new services in the market. This step can settle issues such as network connectivity and provide a higher speed, connectivity and even eliminate placing servers in and around crypto exchanges.




Not only investors and stakeholders, but millennials are also showing great interest in the cryptocurrency sector despite the challenges it comes with. Learning material on cryptocurrency is also made accessible to them in the market. Millennial interest and curiosity in the cryptocurrency applications and recent trends will lead to the rise of the other prominent trends too.