Cristiano Ronaldo Faces More Mockery from Rival Fans During Al-Nassr’s Draw with Al-Hilal

Cristiano Ronaldo Faces More Mockery from Rival Fans During Al-Nassr’s Draw with Al-Hilal

Cristiano Ronaldo, despite his remarkable performance in the Saudi Pro League (SPL), continues to face taunts from rival fans.

In Al-Nassr’s recent 1-1 draw with Al-Hilal, the Portuguese superstar was once again subjected to mockery, highlighting the ongoing rivalry between him and Lionel Messi.

Ronaldo’s Time in Saudi Arabia

Since joining Al-Nassr, Ronaldo, 39, has delivered an exceptional performance, scoring 56 goals and providing 15 assists in just 61 games.

However, his time in the SPL has been marred by frequent taunts from opposing fans, who often mock him over his rivalry with Lionel Messi.

This rivalry, which has seen the two legends win 13 Ballon d’Or awards between them, remains a hotly debated topic among football enthusiasts.

On Friday evening, during Al-Nassr’s draw with Al-Hilal, Ronaldo found himself at the receiving end of more scornful chants.

The night began on a positive note for Ronaldo as he assisted Otavio’s goal within the first minute, putting Al-Nassr ahead.

However, the match took a turn for the worse for Ronaldo midway through the first half.

Missed Opportunity and Fan Reactions

Ronaldo missed a significant chance to extend his team’s lead when he scuffed a shot from within the box. Played in perfectly, Ronaldo attempted a left-footed finish, but his shot went wide, closer to the corner flag than the goal.

This miss left Ronaldo visibly frustrated, with his hands on his head in disbelief.

To compound Ronaldo’s woes, Al-Hilal equalized with a penalty from Aleksandar Mitrovic in the 100th minute.

As the game neared its conclusion, a social media clip showed Ronaldo on the ground, looking demoralized. Al-Hilal fans seized this moment to chant “Messi, Messi, Messi,” adding to his frustration.

Al-Nassr’s Season and Ronaldo’s Achievements

Under the management of Portuguese coach Luis Castro, Al-Nassr has had a commendable season, securing a guaranteed second-place finish in the SPL.

The team boasts notable players such as Sadio Mane, Marcelo Brozovic, David Ospina, Aymeric Laporte, and Alex Telles. Despite the recent setbacks, Al-Nassr’s overall performance has been strong.

Ronaldo remains in contention for the SPL Golden Boot, having scored 33 goals this season, six more than his closest rival, Mitrovic, with two league games remaining.

This achievement underscores his exceptional talent and contribution to the team, despite the challenges he faces off the pitch.

The Messi-Ronaldo Rivalry

The rivalry between Messi and Ronaldo continues to captivate football fans worldwide. Both players have achieved unprecedented success, with numerous titles and individual awards.

However, this rivalry also fuels divisive opinions, with fans often using it to taunt the other player.

In Saudi Arabia, this rivalry has taken on a new dimension, with Ronaldo frequently mocked by rival fans invoking Messi’s name.

These taunts, while part of the sport’s competitive nature, highlight the intense scrutiny and pressure both players face even at this stage of their careers.


Cristiano Ronaldo’s time in the Saudi Pro League has been marked by both extraordinary success and persistent challenges.

While his performance on the field remains stellar, the mockery from rival fans serves as a reminder of the relentless scrutiny he faces.

Despite these distractions, Ronaldo’s pursuit of the SPL Golden Boot and his contributions to Al-Nassr’s success demonstrate his unwavering commitment and exceptional talent. As the season progresses, it will be interesting to see how Ronaldo navigates these challenges and continues to add to his illustrious career.