Crash on M4 Causes Significant Delays and Traffic Congestion

…By Henry George for TDPel Media. A crash on the M4 has resulted in the closure of two lanes, leading to long tailbacks and delays for motorists.


Emergency services are reportedly working to extricate people from the vehicles involved, causing further disruption.

This article provides an analysis of the incident, including its location, the closure of lanes, and the resulting congestion.

Crash on M4 Westbound between J33 A4232 and M4 J34/A4119:

The accident took place on the westbound section of the M4 between J33 A4232 and M4 J34/A4119.

As a result, lanes one and two of the carriageway have been closed.

The closure of these lanes, coupled with the efforts of emergency services, has led to significant traffic congestion.

The backlog of vehicles now extends for nearly five miles, and drivers are experiencing delays of approximately 25 minutes.


Congestion and Travel Time:

According to the latest update from the traffic monitoring system Inrix, there is currently queueing traffic spanning 3.8 miles due to the accident.

The congestion has reached the A4232 northbound, compounding the delays for motorists.

Travel time on the affected stretch of the M4 is estimated to be around 25 minutes.

It is important for drivers to be aware that lanes one and two, out of the three available, remain closed.


The crash on the M4 has resulted in significant disruption to traffic flow, causing long tailbacks and delays for motorists.

The closure of two lanes has restricted the available space for vehicles, impeding the smooth movement of traffic.

The efforts of emergency services to extract people from the vehicles involved have added to the duration of the incident.

As a result, drivers should anticipate delays of approximately 25 minutes and plan their journeys accordingly.


The location of the crash, between J33 A4232 and M4 J34/A4119, is a crucial point for traffic flow on the M4, contributing to the severity of the congestion.

With lanes one and two closed, drivers have limited options for navigating through the affected area.

The resulting queueing traffic, spanning nearly five miles, indicates the scale of the disruption and highlights the need for caution and patience while traveling through the affected section.

In conclusion, the crash on the M4 has had a significant impact on traffic conditions, causing long tailbacks and delays for motorists.

The closure of lanes, combined with the efforts of emergency services to assist those involved, has resulted in substantial congestion on the road.

Drivers should follow live updates to stay informed and adjust their travel plans accordingly to mitigate the effects of the incident.


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