Court Victory for Mayor Khan: Ulez Expansion to Cover Entire London

…By for TDPel Media. Mayor Khan’s Landmark Decision: Ulez Expansion to Clean Up London’s Air


Mayor Sadiq Khan’s triumph in the High Court, allowing him to move forward with the expansion of the Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) to all of London’s boroughs, marks a significant milestone in the city’s efforts to promote public health and combat air pollution.

Despite facing opposition from five Conservative-led councils, the court’s decision enables the extension of ULEZ from the inner boundaries of the North and South Circular roads to cover the entire city, benefiting an estimated five million Londoners with cleaner air.

Mayor Khan’s Commitment to Clean Air and Tackling Climate Crisis


Although not present in court, Mayor Khan expressed his satisfaction with the “landmark decision,” emphasizing the importance of proceeding with the ULEZ expansion to address the pressing challenges of air pollution and climate change.

He acknowledged the difficulty of the decision and reassured Londoners that their concerns are being taken seriously as the city continues to pursue cleaner air for all its residents.

Impact of ULEZ Expansion on London’s Air Quality

With the ULEZ expansion set for August 29, 2023, City Hall predicts that five million Londoners will benefit from improved air quality.

The city-wide zone is expected to accelerate the transition to cleaner vehicles in the suburbs.


Currently, over 96 percent of cars within the existing ULEZ comply with exhaust-emission rules and are exempt from the 24/7 charge, highlighting the positive impact of cleaner vehicles on air pollution reduction.

Understanding ULEZ Compliance and Exemptions

The ULEZ charge is designed to discourage high-polluting vehicles from driving through London and encourage a shift towards cleaner transportation options.

To be exempt from the ULEZ charge, vehicles must meet certain emission standards. Diesel cars meeting Euro 6 standards, petrol cars meeting Euro 4 standards, and full-electric cars fall into the exempt category.

Hybrid cars and mild hybrids need to meet Euro 4 or 6 standards, depending on their engine type.


Popular ULEZ-Compliant Car Models

To navigate the ULEZ without incurring charges, motorists can choose from a range of ULEZ-compliant cars meeting the specified emission standards.

Petrol cars registered with the DVLA after 2005 (available since 2001) generally meet the ULEZ standards, while diesel cars registered after September 2015 also comply.

Certain popular models, including the Nissan Leaf, Honda Jazz, and Toyota Prius, offer ULEZ-compliant options, with full-electric cars enjoying complete exemption from the ULEZ charge.

Mayor Khan’s Ulez expansion decision sets a significant precedent in the city’s ongoing efforts to combat air pollution and promote cleaner transportation.


With the expansion encompassing all of London’s boroughs, millions of residents are set to breathe cleaner air, fostering a healthier environment and contributing to the fight against the climate crisis.

Motorists will need to ensure their vehicles meet the specified emissions standards to avoid ULEZ charges, but the growing availability of ULEZ-compliant models provides a promising outlook for London’s air quality and sustainable mobility.


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