Court releases third batch of Epstein documents, revealing bombshell claims about Clinton and Prince Andrew

Release of Third Batch of Epstein Documents

On January 5, 2024, the third batch of documents related to Jeffrey Epstein was made public, shedding light on various aspects of the late pedophile’s associations and activities.

This release encompasses 29 exhibits, providing insights into phone messages left for Epstein, a deposition from Virginia Giuffre’s ex-boyfriend, Anthony Figueroa, and the search terms employed by lawyers examining Ghislaine Maxwell’s computers.

Testimony of Guiffre’s Ex-Boyfriend: Anthony Figueroa

One key document from the latest release features a deposition with Anthony Figueroa, the ex-boyfriend of Virginia Giuffre.

Figueroa testified about regularly dropping Giuffre off at Epstein’s residence in Palm Beach.

While acknowledging the presence of ‘young’ women, Figueroa refrained from identifying anyone other than Maxwell and Epstein as being in their company.

Search Terms in Maxwell’s Email and iCloud Accounts

Included in the release is a list of search terms utilized by legal professionals when scrutinizing Maxwell’s email and iCloud accounts.

The terms range from names like ‘Andrew,’ ‘Prince,’ and ‘Royal’ to more concerning terms like ‘underage,’ ‘pedophile,’ and the names of various victims.

This search aimed to uncover evidence relevant to the ongoing defamation case.

Phone Messages and Connections with Abigail Wexner

The third batch of documents also reveals phone messages left for Epstein in June 2005, recorded by an assistant.

Notably, one message states, ‘Abigail Wexner wants to talk to you @ something private.’

Abigail Wexner is the wife of Les Wexner, a prominent figure in the Victoria’s Secret empire, and a longtime associate of Epstein.

The messages also touch upon business matters at the Four Seasons.

Insights into Epstein’s Relationships with Prince Andrew and Bill Clinton

Previous document releases have provided additional details about Epstein’s relationships with Prince Andrew and Bill Clinton.

These revelations have contributed to a growing understanding of the intricate web of connections surrounding Epstein during his rise through New York society.

As the public digests this new information, questions about the extent of Epstein’s associations and the potential implications for those involved continue to emerge.

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